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Character Name Levelled Powers No Level Powers Breeding Perks Updated
AbaddonDark. (Master), Light (Master), Fire (Master), Electricity (Master), Animal (L1)NoneNone9/7
AbeliaEarth (L1)NoneNone9/2
AmadeusDarkness (L2), Telekinesis (L1)Animal Mimicry9/1
BalthazarDarkness (Master)En. Speed, En. AgilityNone9/14
BrahmTechnopathyColour Perk9/7
CafallTelepathy (L1), Telekinesis (L1)Colour Perk9/11
CarassiusWater (L1)NoneNone9/7
EntiaElectricity (L3)Shapeshifting9/1
EshekAnimal (Master), Fire (L1), Darkness (L1)Biological ManipulationTrait Perk9/14
EuryaleElec. (Master), Fire (Master), Telepathy (L2), Telekinesis (L2), Earth (L1)9/1
FreyrNoneEnergy Negation (Ex. 11/14)None9/14
KannaWater (L3)9/2
MishkaNoneBiological ManipulationNone9/14
MockjawEarth (L4), Animal (L1)DehydrationAdaptation9/11
NamtarFire (L4), Electricity (L2), Water (L1)NoneNo-Wait9/16
NymeriaEarth (L2)9/1
RayalaWater (Master), Light (L1),Dehydration, Energy Weapons, En. Senses9/11
SangreFire (Master)En. Speed, En. Strength, Vitality Absorption9/14
The DroFire (Master), Electricity (L2)9/2
TyphonTelepathy (L1)Enhanced StrengthNone9/7
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