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Name Gender Breed Species Lineage Player
HadleyFemaleStandardbred x TN Walking HorseHorseunk x unkAhoy
RagnarokMaleMixed (see join stats)Horseunk x unkBandit
KyrianMaleMixed (see join stats)Horseunk x unkBandit
Sky's The LimitFemaleThoroughbredHorseunk x unkMickie
KrigerMaleNorwegian FjordHorseunk x unkMoseley
BastilleMaleAkhal Teke x GelderlanderHorseunk x unkTaia
DonanzaFemaleHolstein x Akhal TekeHorseunk x unkTaia
AengusMaleMixedHorseunk x unkWake
AmaranteFemaleWarmbloodHorseunk x unkWake
LarkspurFemaleMixedHorseunk x unkWake
AstarteFemalePaintHorseunk x unkWake
GhyslainMaleArdennais x AuvergneHorseunk x unkWake
LotusFemaleCoastal GrayWolfunk x unkWake
AkandoMaleMixedHorseunk x unkwhisp
AdelaideFemaleQuarter HorseHorseunk x unkwhisp
VestaFemaleMixedHorseunk x unkwhisp
LiljanaFemaleAndalusian MixHorseunk x unkwhisp
RedOpiumFemaleArabianHorseunk x unkWhiteRat
TetsusaigaFemaleArabianHorseunk x unkWhiteRat
Onyx SultanMaleArabianHorseunk x unkWhiteRat
El BlancoMaleLippizanHorseunk x unkWhiteRat
Drifting TideFemaleArabianHorseunk x unkWickedCuriousity
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