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Drunk MarineOpium TroubadorRetired Marine cruises for drunk sailors.View
Casual ContactMark JamesAn older man gets picked up by a hottie in a diner.View
My Pal JoeNick Chamberlain
Submitted by Mike
A Horny trip to the old swimming hole.View
The MarineMark JamesAn ex-marine picks up a newly ex-marine down on his luck View
American IdolMark JamesA discussion of Adam Lambert and Kris Allen leads to hot timesView
Better Late Than NeverHunter
submitted by Mike
Sucking and fucking in the College washroomsView
Nasty BoysAnonymous
submitted by Mike
Two skater dudes experiment with male-to-male sex.View
That Straight Guy Turned Me OnKevin C.
submitted by Mike.
His brother's "straight" buddy seduces a young hottie.View
Tony's Big AdventureBob Vickery
submitted by Mike
Tony unexpectedly tries gay sex for the first time.View

Vignettes: 1
Mark JamesThree very brief tales for jerking off to.View
Headbanger's BallKeith Peck
posted by Mike
Public frenzy fuck at gay nightclub.View
The Cop & the CowboyJimmy Seay
posted by Mike
Young cowboy leans about the give and take of cock.View
Showing a Private the Ropes Pt.1Bill Drake
posted by Mike
A sergeant and a captain train a private - in sex.View
Showing a Private the Ropes Pt. 2Bill Drake
posted by Mike
The private is a fast learner!View
Vignettes: 2Mark JamesFour quickies about quickies!View
Closing Time in a College BarBarry Bender
posted by Mike
A college student talks his way into a buddy's bedView
Vignettes 3Mark JamesSex at a steel plant, on a bike ride, and a glory holeView
Willing RecruitPaul Randal
posted by Mike
Recruit and Sergeant get it onView
Vignettes 4Mark JamesSex at the ball park, the YMCA, and the beach.View
Cowboys and Indians Pt. 1Anonymous
posted by Mike
Country boy loses his virginity at county fair.View
Cowboys and Indians (Concl.)Anonymous
posted by Mike
A country boy falls for a carny.View
Vignettes 5Mark JamesSex in the barn, some bondage, and sex between contest winners.View
Off the StreetsMike Petersson
posted by Mike
Seducing a straight street personView
Trailer Park ActionMike Turner
posted by Mike
Trailer trash fuckingView
Xmas Stories 2009Mark JamesFour tales to make your Xmas gay.View
Coming OutMark JamesTwo buddies get it on for the first time.View
A Matter of ChemistryRobert Blue
posted by Danny O
A rendezvous in a dark parkView
Vignettes 6Mark JamesThree more "quickies"View
Straight Muscle AssGrossao
posted by Mark James
Hot seduction in the gym.View
Hollywood YMCAMark JamesLate night encounter in the Y washroomsView
Crossing LinesJimmy Seay
posted by Mike
Young con initiated in gay prison sexView
Vignettes 7Mark JamesFour more quickies to jerk off to.View
The SnowstormJay Love
posted by Mike
A man falls for his brother-in-lawView
College KidMark JamesNight-time action in the college washroomsView
Making FriendsMark JamesGetting to know the new guy next door.View
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