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Babble Nickname(s) Stand/Sit to pee Age Where you hang your hat Homepage / Favorite Website (type http:// first) Favorite Song Favorite Film Favorite Food Favorite Position Favorite Saying/Quote Pet Peeves Additional Comments Email me @
PuP981cant stand an pee gets messy35Florida.......USAno real fave but right now its "Road I'm on" 3 doors downJust saw "Bruce Almighty" so thats it for now...lolmexican.....oooh love the spicey stuffBOW WOW BABY!! but any of them will do so long as i am getting itFuck me running!!! or Fucking A or OH SHIT or thats just not right or I am not prejudice, I hate everyone equally or Use babywipes, gets the brown out, "GET A BODY" umm I have quite a few.staring, chewing with mouth open, kids fighting, annoymous posters that start fights for no reason,newbies with no scence of humor, this list could actually be pretty big....hehehe((((( BINNY ))) thanks for this site!!! Its the best place on the web!!! I love you guys *sniff sniff*!!! Oh an to all the newbies here, welcome aboard an remember three things, one: its only a game, get a scence of humor. two: its ok to act immature being grown up all the time sucks eggs!!! third: yes we are this strange an we ummm kinda like it this way.
_Huffy_ / hufflepuffed/starknakedFM etcsit34Uk, BirminghamHomepage / Favorite Website (type http:// first)Never Comes The Day, The Moody BluesRocky Horror Picture ShowChocolate and chineseon my backlaff and the world laffs with u fart and u laff aloneMen who lie, ppl who are rudeCant think of any lol
jjrbradleysit34Louisville, Ky.Goodbye EarlGone With The WindBeer, oops I mean lots of beerI'll never tell!!!!Don't bend over in the garden, Granny; you know them 'taters got eyes!!Mean people, warm beerI love all my Babble buds dearly. I have met so many nice and wonderful people on here; even if we are all pervs!!!
Thanks for all the caring and support!!!!
LocoJoeStand (on my head)44Long IslandHomepage / Favorite Website (type http:// first)anything by The Clash and The Star Spangled BannerStar Wars ( all of 'em )a cheeseburger, fries, and a chocolate shake... yummy!"all aboard"... woman on top w/ her boobies in my face =)In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.
-- Robert Frost
People who "dis" America... If you're not happy here, LEAVE!You People Rock!... Everyone I met here is GREAT... I Love (((((( all of ya's ))))))
Mordsith9sit35New Yorkright now......"Train" by GoldfrappAlive; Goodfellas; Natural Born KillersMMMM steak & beersitting or laying down =D"it's always fun til someone loses an eye"
"depression is anger without enthusiasm"
slow drivers; dirty bathrooms; CHEESE; IE errors; condescending attitudes; close-minded individuals.....umm, just about everything.hey if you have a laundry sink it can double as a piss pot....Martha Stewart taught me that!!!

Suga07Sit25Savannah GaAnything by Outkast or Dungeon FamilyDirty Dancing and Happy GillmoreSteak and ChocolateOn top"Mamma Earth is tossin and turnin and that's our sign
Omega Nigga IFO's are landin in Decatur
Hope I'm not over your head but if so you will catch on later"
"Sin all depends on what you believing in" Andre3000

Slow drivers, The Source, People that are late, & Dirty dishes.(((((((((((( Babble Buddies )))))))))))
HughGrexion/ EinMalstand52Pocono Pa. and South Jersy ShoreHomepage / Favorite Website (type http:// first)MoonDance ,,, Van MorrisonJaws , Field of Dreams , The Matrix , Debbie does Popcapanything I cook myself , or anything @ Mike's Dockside in Sea IsleLooking down at the top of your headI'm the person your parents warned you about.People who tailgate that turn chicken shit when you jam on your brakes and point your shotgun at them,,, I'm on page 17 "einmal" in Binary's big book of wonders.
CrisjoSit29IllinoisHomepage / Favorite Website (type http:// first)anything by Patsy ClineEither Urban Cowboy, Shawshank Redemption, or The Little MermaidA good juicy steak with a baked potato and lots of sour cream!!!Wouldn't you like to know!!!Stand for something or you'll fall for anything!!!! And of course from the movie Shawshank Redemption, "Get busy living or get busy dying".Asshole drivers that don't use their blinkers, people who are book smart, but have absolutely NO common sense!! These freaking people who come over here to live...and can't speak any English!!I'm so glad I found you guys....You all are the Best!!!!!
~*~QueenNancy~*~sit to weeeee.....34MississippiHomepage / Favorite Website (type http:// first)Bring on the Rain..Jo Dee MessinaDirty Dancinganything Mexican...not MexicansTop Top Top!Ignorance, when voluntary Criminal!People with no sence of humor, people who think theyre better then others....geezzzz.....this could go on and on so I'll stop now! Ive made great friends here, friendships that I hope to last a life time....I love the escape and I love all of you!
Of course if I could back up to do some things over.....I would!
lissi loodlei sit, fo shizzle26west virginiaHomepage / Favorite Website (type http:// first)at last...etta jamestommy boyshrimparf arf...i always do the thing that the boss from office space yeah, i'm gonna need you to uh ________. fill in the blank. =)poor grammar...gets me every time. i have met some wonderful, wonderful people on babble. i dont babble much anymore but i still love you guys!
SinfulAngelsit22Alberta, CanadaHomepage / Favorite Website (type http:// first)Any song by WeezerThe Princess cream.Um...angels don't talk about stuff like this. I'm too innocent.If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason.The runny stuff that comes out of the ketchup bottle if you don't shake it up....when drivers don't use their signal lights....stirrup pants.Get a ketchup shoes...Monica, ohhhhh....TONS!!!!

(((((((((((((babblers)))))))))))) you guys ROCK!

I hope life isn't a big joke, because I don't get it.
snackincakes snackz cakessquats40next to my thongHomepage / Favorite Website (type http:// first)for now its "picture" kid rock cheryl crowfrequencyice cream....popcorncrawlingif you dont start no shit...there wont be any shit......newbies...asl.......repetative noise,,,,,,menbin...glad you have given us this place to come to when were need a hug,,,when we need to bitch and when we need to laugh,,,,your priceless gurlie :}
theicequeen/hotsnatchsit35New Orleans, Louisianathrough the rain by mariah careyLegends of the Fall ( I love Brad Pitt)pizzaon top n from the back"if u cant join em, fuck em" I hate shallow people n those who disrespect others!I'm thrilled that now since I have been playing babble for over a year I have become a major pimp. My hoes know who they are too. Much love girls!
1Pyschobitch//tastythighzsit32on my chestHomepage / Favorite Website (type http:// first)don't let me get me (by pink)real sexsnapperoh so hard to choose do i have too.....Eat me I'm a cookie.........or Bite me baby Bite me.someone trying to shove their tongue down my throat....
not into kissing much......i mean with alot of tongue
gillette,stand19on my headHomepage / Favorite Website (type http:// first)"ain't no mountain high enough" by Marvin Gayeanything ediblei love em all, just gimmie a girlIf a person truely means something to u, u will always remember them in your heart; however, if they meant nothing to u, then u will only remember them in ur mind.assholes
KYHOTTEMos Def SIT32KentuckyHave you ever been in love by Celine DionFools Rush InShrimpAll of them"Repect others as you want to be respected and if all else fails, use your Smith and Wesson"Rude, racist, ignorant people...liars too!~I am Vegito1978's woman ....he is da bomb!
vegito1978/Stanza/a whole damn lotboth....mostly stand24O-town North CakalakHomepage / Favorite Website (type http:// first)anything by GGGGG-UnitSpidermanPizzamissonary"It sounds like, Rice Krispies.....After you have added the milk!!!!!" Stephen Kings the Langoliers...the worst movie of all timesucky ppl...not ppl who suck.....and everyone who thinks too much of them selves....and HoneyBare13i love KYHOTTE more than anything......she is my heart and soul.....oh yeah and fuck HoneyBare13 or whatever name she uses now....she is a liar and she sucks mucho asso
luv2suxUsit and sometime on myself j/k29on the floor with everything elseHomepage / Favorite Website (type http:// first)fallingpretty womenmexicaneverything a can get my hands in and onwooo...hoooo
I have really enjoyed myself and even though I don't know you and you know whom I'm talking to ( reg) I really feel like I've know you a forever. TC and continue being naughty and nasty
Scoobydoobysquats38Vancouver, BC CANADA EH!Homepage / Favorite Website (type http:// first)Where R U38 Days Later....roooby rax!ummm.......under my hubby!!?Rellllo
Rut Roh!
babyboo?steak salad
UnknowncomicJust hold my bag under me....77I fold my bag up tyvm!!Homepage / Favorite Website (type http:// first)boogie woogie choo choo train!!Grumpy Old Men...(ole mister one eye!! heheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)anything I can fit through this hole in my bag...(**ahem,,men?)Lookin' back up at you Hughgrexion!! heheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeebabeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee SSPLAT!
oh yea, AND....
People who use plastic instead of paper!I'm in love, but I ain't tellin' ya with who!!
Love ya babble babeeeeeeeeeeeeeees and buddeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!
PussyGato, Ann_MargrockI'm a Chick36Southern CaliforniaHomepage / Favorite Website (type http:// first)Someday by Sloth, Billygoat by SlothThe one I had to erase.Cereal and ItalianAnything, I'm flexible."I'm such a Dork" and SLOTH: The Choice of a Dead GenerationStupid People.BWDA RULES!!!
WheresMyBongBoth, depending.36The City of AngelsHomepage / Favorite Website (type http:// first)Anything by the Clash, X, Social Distortion or Royal Crown RevueCasablanca, Sunset Boulevard, The Thin Man, Key Largo, RebeccaThat infamous Greek pizza! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAKinda hunched over, like this!"BWDA RULES!!!!", "Huh huh! What a DORK! Huh Huh!"Babble regulars that act like they own the game. Idiots that take my babble sentences seriously. Morons that feel it's necessary to tell me they know where my bong is.To my fellow BWDA agents, you guys are the best friends in the world!!!
BloodyEllI'm a lady.23My happy little IslandRocky IV soundtrack. The best work-out cd ever. HAHAHAHAHAH.."Matrix Reloaded." Any nail-biting-edge-of-your-seat kind of movie!Greek and Italian foodOn a massage table"tyvm" after a round of babble.Uh-Huh.. When I have difficulty scooping ice-cream out of containers. "Penis enlargement" Spam.. eg. "Break walls apart with your humongous *bleep*." Waiting in long lines.. Traffic in this heat, and the like..My dear BWDA Agents. I love you dearly!! : )
tinnytittiesperches daintly on edge"the buckeye state"whiskey 4 my men-beer 4 my horses. lol.... stairway 2 heavenghostchinese the butterfly-ride barebackOne Nation under God.... and Gentlemen start your engins.....and
Jeff Gordon's Gay!!!!!!!!
*burping without saying excuse me-
*pickin boogers
*pissin without washin your hands-
Simple pleasures are life's trerasures.....
Don't let yesterday use up today.
Live-laugh and love....

My38csRSweet ;O)std,if I want 2 pissoff my cat40Ontario, Canada------>US Bound baby!"You Can Leave Your Hat On"......"Fatal Attraction" --->>>>> So DON'T fuck with me, Sweetheart!!!!Pasta and SaladsAsk me,,, I'll tell ya ;o) but DON'T expect me to cyber you!!!!" I still say, the difference between a dead skunk and your EX is, there are skid marks infront of the skunk"... AND...........

"I'd hate to get a look at that one's family tree"
Good Lord!! pfffffffffffft...
TOO MANY to mention, but just piss me off and you may find my hand on your throat......... You may think it sounds like I have issues,,, nawwwwwwwwwwww, I am a real sweetie,,,, Just DON'T piss me off, cuz I can be your worst f--king nightmare, is all!!!

Mental note to peeps who have gone into my blk book....... Have a gr8 day, "don't let the door hit your ass on the way out",,, oh, and B.T.W., "give me back my f--king nekkie pics".. Your NOT worthy of them .... ROFL ;O)
I believe in things unseen.
I believe in the sun, even when it's not shining.
I believe in the possible, even when things seem impossible.
I believe in a smile, even when one has to be forced.
I believe in love, even when it can't be found.
I believe in myself even on my darkest of days,,, Why?
Because I will see to it, that tomorrow will be a better day!!!

See you all in Babble.... kisses+hugs xoxoxoxo
smellysmomsit mostly34who ever heard of Telford anyway (UK)Natural Mystic Bob Marley RIPThe Green MileTuna MayoAll pigs r equal. but some r more equal than others ( George Orwell )ASL ers Do U cyber?ers it pisses me off when sad basterds wanna get their rocks off by chatting shit on the net. I have a real life and they should get one too. Happily Married 4 kids shit at babble but like it anyway.
catlvr35definitely sit36Missouricurrently its Shania Twain's Forever and For Alwayseither Dirty Dancing or Gone With the Windsteak & baked potato with a saladdont much matter as long as i get itmess with me and i'll claw your eyes out, treat me right and i'll purr for yaliars, cheats, and people who are just plain assholes; being whispered to by newbies, and people who take babble too seriouslyi've love the game and have met a lot of strange but great people here you all are the best
swirlgrrli can do both, but i am a grrl18Seattle WashingtonHomepage / Favorite Website (type http:// first)Rock Steady by No DoubtBreakfast at Tiffany'sTIRAMISU!!!! YUM YUM YUMGoalieI adore you! this is said by everyone who has become my friend. I am all about adoration.people who talk gross on main chat and then asl you and then talk gross again.My cult like following is now accepting applications.
HoosierAngelsit40mount vernon indidnaHomepage / Favorite Website (type http:// first)Dear Momma ---2pac and the baby joe nicholesmonsters INCfried chickenany involving sexI live in my own little world , but its ok , they know me here !people who pick on people just to be an arse about it
HoosierAngelsit40mount vernon indidnaHomepage / Favorite Website (type http:// first)Dear Momma ---2pac and the baby joe nicholesmonsters INCfried chickenany involving sex ! oh and FYI ... I DO NOT CYBERI live in my own little world , but its ok , they know me here !people who pick on people just to be an arse about it I like to have fun and joke around, i crack a lot of jokes and i make some sexual remarks ....but its all in fun
photog_stevestand32at the frontHomepage / Favorite Website (type http:// first)Rocket ManStar WarsChocolateAny involving my d*** and cummingFUCK IT!!!Not enough SEXGIMME MORE SEX!!
RedRum__ / Crips_inkStand!!!!!! 5I dunno why did u ask me this question!Homepage / Favorite Website (type http:// first)Anything Heavy & Hardcore!!!!!!!!! Anything Hugh Heffner directs! Women! Sex is Fun!!!!!!! If Vodka was water and i was a duck i would swim to the bottom and drink my way up but vodka isnt water and im not a duck so pass me the bottle and SHUT THE F*CK UP!!!!! Too many to name so i wont put any! Comments.......hmmmmm......i like pie,poptarts,cupcakes,kool-aid, and and sugar free sugar cookies.SEX is good!!!
LUV2B88/WitchesBrewhmmm..sit, yep I always sit!25Arizona, USARequiem / BaseketballDICKI like it from the back baby!Go choke on a cock!
Whiny men!
atomicme1tower28GlendaleHomepage / Favorite Website (type http:// first)Rush 2112The Wall,Requiem for a DreamPussyInsideKick Rocks, Get Bent.Stop the bitching
atomicme1tower28Glendale,AZ USAHomepage / Favorite Website (type http:// first)Rush 2112The Wall,Requiem for a DreamPussyInsideKick Rocks, Get Bent.Stop the bitching
ABadKittie/ABatKittiesit34Sandy Eggoanything by Primer 55, Dry Kill Logic or as long as its hard and fastwide range from Shawshank Redemption to Rocky Horrormexicanme on topIn the end, everything we do is just everything we've done. b.o., mean people, traffic, not having a beer in the fridge when I get home from work, MY EX-HUSBAND!!!!!!I love all my babble buds ((((( baby, uwant, mord, ss, gooey, stik, anus, art, hugh, sky, katie, BIN, queeney, jade, loons & every1 else please don't get pissed if I didn't write your name, you know i love you!!!!)))))
Jaded01Depends on my mood-mostly sits30Sydney - AustraliaEat You Alive ( Limp Bizkit), Hey Ya ( Outkast)BlowSeafoodHanging from the roofLIVE WELL, LOVE MUCH AND LAUGH OFTEN.WHEN YOU ENTER A ROOM IN BABLE AND SECONDS LATER SOME IDIOT WHISPERS YOU TO CYBER..GRRRRRR.
Tinytittiesperches daintly on edge45Ohio-"the Buckeye State""I'm not crazy"& "Great balls of Fire-&"Daddy's Hands"&"That's My Job"Gone with the Wind-Chinese and pizzabutterfly"The most dangerous place in the world ---is between a mother and her children"

Do something-lead-follow or get out of the way"
"America-Love it or leave it"
"fu#k Off"
People who don't take care of their kid's or pets.
People who park in handicap parking spaces-without placard.
People who don't wash their hands after using toilet.
People who speed thru school zones and pass school buses. "Assholes"
People who smoke around nonsmokers and kids."puffers"
Deadbeat dads.
onfire249sit26Manitoba, CanadaHomepage / Favorite Website (type http:// first)Grand Theft Autumn by Fall Out BoyAll of the LOTR movies. (I'm a huge dork.)LasagnaOn top."Its not behind the rabbit, it IS the rabbit!" from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.Stupid people, and a.s.lers. They make me sad.
Brinny1sit32TennesseeHomepage / Favorite Website (type http:// first)Angels in waiting/ Tammy CochranSet it offany vegitableon topIts a poem that won't fit on here. It's called "Don't quit"People who ask "Can I ask you a question?" Didn't really give me a choice there, did ya buddy?
When people say "Oh you just want to have your cake and eat it too". Screw off. What good is a goddamn cake if you can't eat it? What, should I eat someone else's cake instead?
People who are willing to get off their ass to search the entire room for the TV remote because they refuse to walk to the TV and change the channel manually.
Leslei38/lilfillymy secret shhh?CanadaHomepage / Favorite Website (type http:// first)Lady StarliteMeet Me In St. Louis/Lord of the RingsVodka Paralizers or Lamb's Palm Breeze and Pepsion my kneeshmmmMen who pussy foot around in the game and annoying kids who shouldn't be in NC 17.Thanks babble I have made many great friends because of u especially HotNSpicy71
Fred Durst
Fat ass bitchsit ,to fat to stand32on any fucking thing i canHomepage / Favorite Website (type http:// first)over the rainbowbitch..Lesbians can too...any thing i can get my hands onon bottom roll me in flower and look for wet spot.Fuck Off!!! Dead beet momsnone at this time
Throbbinhoodstand25cornwall uklong train running (doobie brothers) remixOnce upon a time in americakebabsdoggy style (of course)Theres more things in life than money its just that i can`t afford them .Women who try to keep you at home under lock and key , and when they finally do turn round and say your boring you need to get out more ?Fancy a shag ? :)
sheilasquelasit29MissouriAll of MeDirty DancingCaptain D'shmmmm, let me see...dis one, dat one, dis one too & dat one especiallyGood Gravy! You big nut! Did I do that? By Goly! I gotta pee like a pigeon! You silly duck! By crackers! You little stinker! Glad you got to see me! Narrow-minded people...Waiting in the doctor's office...aslThx for the all the good times on Babble y'all....It gives me an escape from my little rugrats every once in a while and it wouldnt be the same without y'all!
Curiodditysit42FloridaHomepage / Favorite Website (type http:// first)So much music, so little time!Blazing SaddlesSushi!Whatever works!Goodness is the only investment which never fails.

-- Henry David Thoreau
Intentional cruelty to animals or humans,intentional obtuseness (is that a word?), mean people in general,people who can't take a jokeI've made some friends here. Thanks for helping the time go by! Lord knows I need the laughs!
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