FRCC Conference Bulletin - Hotel Room & Ride Sharing

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If you are sharing room with others, please be sure to put your roommate's name on hotel's reservation. Do not leave keys on the conference registration desk.
Thanks and God Bless!

Name/Contact Info Comments Male Female
Name 名字 (電話 telephone)What you are looking for? Roommate?
Catherine Truong
cell 626-430-1917
Looking for room mate for the FRCC Conference from 12/23/2009 -12/29/2009
Lau Hau Kwan Queenie

Looking for room mate for the FRCC Conference from 12/23/2009 -12/29/2009
Jin Chen(陈锦)
I Reserved a room for 4 at Hyatt Regency, from Dec. 25-29, but I still 2 sisters to share
Annie Chou
I booked a room with 2 double beds non-smoking in Hyatt for Dec. 25 - 29, 2009.

I am looking for 1 or 2 females to share the room. Please email me. God Bless You!
Linda Li
Reserved a room with 2 double beds, non-smoking at Hyatt for Dec. 25-29 (4 nights). Looking for 1 or 2 sisters to share the room for FRCC Conference.
God bless!
Aiping FangLoking for roommate only for Dec 28.
Nancy Kwok
I am looking for 3 roommates to share the room 24-27
looking for
one brother to share

Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport Hotel
May Shen
Looking for one female roommate share with a two double bed room
Nancy Kwok
As previous one, now I need only a female to share bed with me on 25-29 of Dec. Please contact.
James You.
Cell 852-91037100.
29/11 and 30/11 Roommate
James You.
Cell 852- 91037100
29/12 and 30/12 Roommate
James You
29/12 and 30/12/2009
Gloria Ho
Hyatt need one female roommate
现有两个弟兄参加12月25日-12月29日特惠,需订4晚酒店,Hyatt Regancy。现找寻两个弟兄作为室友。请联系。
Aiping Fang
I need only one night stay for Dec 28 as I will share room with another sister from Dec 25 to 27. Please contact me if you are looking for ONE sister to share a room on Dec 28. Thanks in advance and in His love, Aiping
Grace Shu
Need a room in Hyatt.

Would you please let me know if you have a room for our 4 sisters in Hyatt in special rate? Thank you!
Grace Shu
If you are looking for 2 sisters to share with your room, please contact me
Looking for two rooms for Hyatt Regency at the special price, please email me if available. Thanks.
James Weng
We have 4 people in one King Bd Rm at Hyatt, would like to switch with 2 Queen Bd Rm if possible
832-818-8957 (Cell)
I have reserved a room in Hyatt Regency with 2 double beds. (total will be 4 brothers and has 3 now). I am looking for extra 1 brother to share with it.
Adele Chen
TEL: 4803588217
Me and my friend Kuoyi would like to find any sister have room who needs roommates. Thank you.
Chia-Chen Wu
Who needs roommate? I am happy to be anyone's roommate from Dec 25-28 (4 nights). Thank you. :)
Christine Chan
Anyone looking for roommate:-
Dec 22- Dec28, 7 nite to join with someone who have book the Hyatt special rate room.

Dec 23-28 is fine as well
Adele Chen
TEL: 480-358-8217
I had found one roommate yesterday and decided to keep my room so I would need one more sister to share with us.
Contact information is attached. Please email me or call me directly. Do not forget to leave a message. Thanks.
Joyce Tam
Looking for intercessors and share the room 12/25 - 12/29
Joy Tong
I have a room at Bay Landing Hotel from 25 to 28 (4 nights). I need two friends to share another bed. The cost for that bed is $217.8( $108.9 each, with breakfast). Thanks.
Adele ChenHi all
I have had all roommates and I don't know how to delete the forum. Now you might want to contact other attenders. Thank you.
Sandy, 黃淑芳姊妹
洛杉磯電話: (626)254-3541
12/25-12/29/09 Hyatt Regency
尋求 1-2 位姊妹合住
Jessica Chang
Room for 4 at Hyatt Regency, from Dec. 25-29,still need 1 sister to share. Total $105.00 for each person.

Looking for one sister to share the 4 sisters double beds room 12/25 - 12/29 in Hyatt
Michael Wu 1-778-858-5816 , Email : Mikewu2009@gmail.com男生寻找一个床位 Hi, I am student from Vancouver and I will attend the conference in San Francisco. is there anybody still looking for a roommate?
Kuo-Hui Liu
cell 925-413-3804 (USA)
seeking for two male room mates to share the two double bed room that I have reserved for one night only on 12/26 (Saturday night).
Still need one sister to share the room with a double bed, total 4 other sisters in Hyatt Dec 25 check in - Dec 29 check out (4 nights).

post on 12/20/09
(Sorry, I had a typo on the other post.)

Still need one sister to share a room with a double beds, total 4 sisters in Hyatt Dec 25 check in - Dec 29 check out (4 nights).

post on 12/20/09
Brother Suchong Hua
looking for two brothers to share a king bed room
Suchong Hua
Looking for two brothers to share a kingbed room from 12/25 to 12/29 (4 nights).
Anna Tsung tel:720-2383396
I reserved 1 room from 12/25 to 12/28(4 nights), I need 3 females roommate to share with me. Please better contact by phone.
Our room is full now.
Kent Lin
510 449-5639
English speaking young adult Looking to share hotel room during the conference.
Jessica Chang
Our spot in Hyatt is filled, thank you.
New post on 12/23.

we are looking for 1 more sister roommate. Dates:12/25-29 4 nights
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