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CollosusJust hike my dress and eat me!
StarwoodOld men excite me, I just don't show it.
StarwoodShe came like a startled cockroach.
HuckFinnHoly mother of come!!
CuTiPieDress is off.. No more waiting!
binarygirlDo fleas come too??
redrocketteSSBKsWe're having a party in burn's as.s later, and everyones coming!
bigcShe's my master, I come for her!
binarygirlBin's box burped on his head!
rocketboyHard ons for breakfast.
SSBKsMe love you long time.
bigcArrest him, he's whacking without papers!
BadLuckStarwoodWas it good for you?
bigcI forked her rotten!
KreamyKatieThat was head?!
ArtsmartSuperman came and ruined his tights!
XotikmixThe runs burned a hole in your as's?
daddystoyHuckfinnQuiet, eat wood! Mindful the teeth!
pinkfishI'm in an adult video.
hotteeHottie likes hot sexy guys and cold beer!
cowtipperblinkybillIts not hard! Are you dead?
bumRussiancRaZyJaDeHijacked Off
pinkfishI won't win this one.
pinkfishI have yellow skids.
cowtipperblinkybillThe morons, run!
Jackee69JOHNBQUICKYou named your willy, the delicate weasel?
Jackee69JOHNBQUICKJohn wants my ass on his face!!
XotikmixMy blunt had my as.s coffin!
XotikmixShould I swing from his Willy hairs?
goonie123What she does to me would kill you.
JLDivaShe swallowed it. Untie her and give her a mint.
Starwoodgoonie123I can't whack off, I'm too old!
blinkybillI might ask the ex if she will die.
goonie123Willy is sweet, but your can stinks.
goonie123I'm too ugly, just save his willy and leave.
goonie123Your right, I'm wasted.
goonie123I'm a hairy assed fox.
cartmanbinarygirlI came in me hang glider, and crashed!!!
binarygirlStrip, you son of a beach!!
scorpiofoxI came in my car. No towel?
PMSIt's hard and your loose, What a night!
sexyhotbabePerseusThis is me, all hot and slippery!
FredDurstFist Her!
HalfAll three girls at my place, came four times!
Show2clauseShow2clauseI came in want,and she is by
goonie123This room is asleep,all 10 of you!
StarwoodMen I need a willy! Assist me
StarwoodMy willy is still down their.you dum pig!
bumrussian24princess666I do pictures.
scorpiofoxSon of a ., It's not hard!
Favorite Sentences
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