First Name Last Name Maiden Name High School Graduated From E-Mail Tell us what you have been up to. Year Graduated
DavidWillsLicking ValleyI am married to a wonderful woman named Debby and we have 3 children (Katy, Mikey, and Jack). I am currently serving in the US Navy and I am also the President of C & Q Graphic Designs1988
MaryMcLeishDerdaLicking Valleymarried forever to bill,we have 3 children and have 1 grand-daughter. i am working at the amerihost hotel, and coaching cheerleaders at lakewood!! active in various garden clubs. 1972
CaseyNethersLicking ValleyI did four years in the Marine Corps, got out and went to school to become a Firefighter/Paramedic. I work at Grandview Heights F.D. I have been married for ten years and have two boys with another one on the way in March. I live in Delaware, Ohio. Go Panthers!!1986
DUANEFLOWERSLVHSworking,playing,sleeping and eating1970
SharonGrayHardinLicking ValleyMarried with 1 son. I live on the local Boy Scout Camp with my husband Dennis who is the ranger. 1972
WillamMcLeishLicking ValleyMary!!!!1972
BettyRauckBoydHTHSCurrently residing in New Hampshire. Married to Frank. 9 children, 13 grandchildren & 2 Gt.grandchildren. Retired school secretary. Enjoy spending time with family, flower gardening & photography.1952
DanaFrenchVan DornLicking ValleyGlenn and I have been married 23 yrs. We have 3 wonderful daughters. One still at home. We recently relocated to Plant City,FL. Now that April is settled in school I am looking for a job. 1972
CarolWallaceHarrisLicking ValleyI have been married to Wally (class of 72) for 27 years. Two boys, one girl.(25,23&12)We have moved around with his company a lot in the last 20 years. Now back in Ohio!1973
ShannonSniderLicking ValleyI live in Seattle with my wife Stefanie. I work as a Telecommunications Administrator for a health care company. I think about Hanover all of the time.1990
LeslieWolfeLicking ValleyWork @ Label Graphixs as a Maintenance Electrician for the past 5 years. Have kids in the LV Band. 1971
DaveJurdenLVHSI am currently serving in the US Navy @ Camp Pendleton CA. I am now married and living in Oceanside CA with my wife Malou.1977
DonaldLambertLicking ValleyI am working America Online as Tech. Married with 3 Kids, Living in Shawnee Oklahoma. And part time Computer repair Business.1984
BrandiSchneiderLaugheryLicking ValleyI am currently working for a company called Mettler Toledo in Columbus. My husband, Ron, has just transferred to the Granville State Highway Patrol Post and we are in the process of moving back to Newark. We are also expecting our first child in June.1992
PatriciaLaughmanDerdaLicking ValleyLiving in the Hanover area. Married Valley 65 graduate Blaine Laughman. One daughter, Elizabeth 30. At present I am not working and those are my plans for the future. :)1968
RobertWallaceLVHSMarried to Carol for 27 yrs. Currently living in Boardman ,Ohio1972
RickThayerLVHSMarried, 4 grown children scattered about the country. 33 years in the Navy, currently Commanding Officer of the Navy Technical School at Keesler Air Forece Base. Currently my wife Pat and I live in Gulfport Miss. 1964
TimSwingleLicking ValleyI live in Hanover. Married with two step children Kaylee & Kyle. Work for The City Of Heath Street Department. 1975
NathanielHelmsLicking Valley JVSAttending Nashville Diesel College, Tree Trimming, Keeping my wife,Kim's and everyone's vehicle working,and raising Kaleb,our son1999
KimberlyHelmsTroyerLicking Valley JVSMarried with one son,Kaleb 2, moved to Greenbrier TN, working as a floral arranger, keeping our puppy,Bosephus, out of trouble1999
JoyPhillipsOsbornLicking ValleyI'm have been teaching - LD resource room in Lake Local (Stark Co.) the past 7 yrs. Before that I was at Toboso (LD) and Madison (3rd). Looking forward to retirement in just a few more years!!1972
MarkNethersLicking ValleyI've been in the Marine Corps for the past 24 years and I'm currently serving at Camp Lejeune, NC. I'll be retiring in July and plan to move to Michigan to start a second career. I've got a great wife, Christine, and 4 great kids. I look forward to seeing fellow "77" grads this summer at our 25th reunion.1977
CarlHindsLicking ValleyAfter Valley, traveled the world in the Army, found a wife in Heath, didn't have to go far to find her. I have been married for 10 years to a wonderful woman, Karen that puts up with me. I have two treasures named Zachary age 7, and Amber age 5. And after all the traveling I ended up in Newark.1988
TeresaHolmanRobinsonLicking ValleyBeen married to Mike for almost 12 years, 2 sons, Jason 10 and Justin 6. Keeping up with them and their sports pretty much sums it up. Working at State Farm Insurance, been there for almost 13 years. 1988
LarryDondreaLicking ValleyI am currently in the Air Force. I live in Florida. I have a wonderful wife Cynthia been married for 14 years. Lived in japan for 4 years. Plan on retiring in 6 years. My wife is a accountant1982
MachelleKingJosephLicking Valley High SchoolWorking at Longaberger, Married for 4 1/2 years and I have a 3 year old son.1995
SusanCalabreseMorrowLicking Valley High SchoolI currently live in Ft.Lauderdale, FL. I'm married 15 yrs in Sept. and have 2 children C.J. 13 and Caitlin 9. I am now an at-home mom for 3 yrs. Love it.1977
TimBoylanLicking ValleyCo-owner with wife Karen of 28 years; Karen's Property Management. Love to harras Mayor Weiner when I see him at the lumber yard! Also pick on Contrary Mary at Amerihost.1970
DennisWestLicking Valley1969
JackShinn IILVHSOwner of Air-Tech Plus Heating and Cooling since 1995. Married in 1999 to my lovely wife, Marie. Enjoy camping, the outdoors, and second row seats at the Columbus Blue Jacket games!1983
WesMorganLicking ValleyLiving in Naples, Florida spending most of my time golfing, fishing, beaching and flying.1978
JennyBenschoterBennettLicking Valleymarried in 2000. had 1st child in 2001. Live south of columbus near Commercial Point, OH.1982
SamuelBrandtLicking ValleyI have been in the Air Force since '92. I am currently living in North Carolina. I have spent four years in Europe about 9 months in the Middle East and I'm headed for Korea next. I have a daughter, Alexis, who is 7. We visit family in Hanover periodically. 1992
WesleyMillerLicking Valley High SchoolI've been married for seven years to a "Jersey Girl" I met at Denison. We just had twins a couple of months ago: Luke and Kendall. I am currently teaching 10th and 12th grade English here at our dear, old alma mater. Stop in and say Hi. The new school is someting to behold.1987
MelissaShoemakerLicking Valley High SchoolAttending Ball State University. I am an Elementary Education major.2001
BradMcCulloughLicking ValleyMarried in 1985 to Teresa Kirk (she lived in Hanover too, for a while). 2 girls Alexis 11 and Audrey 5. Live in Lakewood School District. Work for Kellogg's Inc.1980
DiannaGibsonLicking ValleyI live in Dayton, Ohio and work in Student Affairs at Wright State University.1993
samuelweaverlicking valleyliving in l.a. hangin out with a smokin' hottie sellin' tons-o-bikes playin' at the playboy mansion and missing my family but luvin' venice89
CindyAntonelliHowesLicking ValleyI have been married almost 16 years. Live in South Bend, Indiana and work for Elkhart County Government as a Training/Communication Specialist in Human Resources. Have worked for County Gov for 17 1/2 years. (3rd job within County Gov)1979
WadeWetzelLicking Valleyliving in Georgia for the last 20 years1976
CindyWetzelNicholsLicking Valleyliving in Georgia for the last 20 years1976
VincentRoseValleyRetired from the Navy in 1998. Living in South Carolina.1978
MichaelHickmanLicking Valley HighLived in California for 21 yrs. Moved back 8 yrs ago with my two sons. Miss California but have no regrets. I am an Information Systems Manager, "computer nerd". Started AYSO youth soccer league in Licking Valley area much to the regent of Licking Valley High School:) 1972
JulieGoodinFosterLicking Valley HSMarried to Howard for 11 years in October. We have two beautiful girls, Courtney, 7 and Grace, 4. 1989
PatOurantLicking ValleyI just opened a State Farm Agency in Marne. This is a great site Dave!! Email me when you get a chance. Nice Job!!!!1987
Mary LynnCrawfordLicking ValleyI've been teaching in Lebanon, Ohio since 1978. Have two children - a boy and a girl, both adults (at least they think they are). For those of you who had my mom in school, you may be interested in knowing that she passed away in 2000, of cancer.1970
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