UCB Diver List

UC Berkeley does not organize or oversee any diving events outside of training dives for students and research divers.

Diving involves risk, and all divers diving with buddies found on this list do so at their own risk. If you have not been diving in our local environment, or if you have been away from diving for more than a year, you are strongly encouraged to seek out an instructor to introduce you to Northern California diving and / or review safe diving practices.

Jim Hayward
Diving Safety Officer
University of California, Berkeley
Name Email Highest Certification Number of Dives Message Date
Jim Haywarda fewmay be up for weekday dives2001-12-05
Troy Lionberger21TA for PE 47. Working towards Divemaster certification.2001-12-06
Catherine Pateman30+Currently a TA for PE 47. Going to Europe for 5 months in Jan, but hope to dive with some of you again in the Fall. 2001-12-06
Joe TalaveraA few fewer than a few.I'm just here to make the page look better with more numbers.2002-02-11
William Gore200+I dive Monterey alot, would like to start diving Sonoma, Mendocino, and maybe the Farallons.2002-02-25
Kerry J. Nickolsabout 120why isn't this longer? let's go diving!2002-08-26
Gordon Firestein90Looking for scientific and/or ocean conservation projects that need help. Please let me know if you need a volunteer diver! 2002-10-08
Joe Johnstonless than JimWeekends 2002-10-08
Nathan Garfield100I love diving2003-04-29
Jeremy Chewa few mainly in Hawaiicertified since sept. 1994
planning on scuba diving with some friends thanksgiving '03. most likely in monterey. abelone anyone?. join us. email me back or call at 510-847-6429.
Jeremy Chewa fewcanon powershot s50 w/ wp-dc300 (underwater case). 5 mega pixel digital camera available for rent to cal students and affiliated. 2003-10-16
Ricardo Gutierrez14I'll be here all summer. If anyone wants to go diving or surfing you know how to reach me.2004-05-14
Scott Fay15Anyone selling dive computers?2004-05-14
Tom Ferris15I am up for diving anywhere local, north or south, all summer!2004-05-14
Robert Lee80I am one dive away from finishing my UCB Scientific Certification. I am a willing volunteer for research diving.2004-05-14
Tyler Phelps132004-05-15
Justin L Jee12+2004-05-15
Anne Williams8let's go diving!!!2004-05-15
Tess Ortbalsits a secretHit me up for So Cal dives or trips to exotic dive sites. Looking to dive the Red Sea this summer!
(Advanced pending Final :P)
Chrissy Chua puny 13 (and counting)For a good time call... j/k!!! mmm...diving...Please feel free to email me, always looking for a good dive buddy (I like long walks on the beach, jk!!!) to hone ma skills with!!!

**Disclaimer: advanced cert pending (tell Jim to give me a fat A on my final)**

But seriously, I'm always looking to learn more...I hope to find a few good dive buddies to keep up the skills with, learn new things with, and make a few friends.
Stephen Johnson48 and countingHey Jim, when are we going to set up the underwater hockey team??2004-05-22
Ingrid Burkean even punier 12I don't feel right about putting a dive flag sticker on my truck until I've actually gone diving outside of class... help me out!2004-05-28
Lindsey Wall70Interested in getting my rescue diver. Never dived in CA2004-07-16
Bret Voss =)over 50I was certified in cold water of Monteray bay at USCS (HA-ZAH! for kelp forests) I have got to get under more often.2004-08-13
Liz McKinzie2004-08-18
Brad Johnson-1Email me if you have buried treasure to recover!2004-10-21
Teal Watkins>60Willing to volunteer for projects, or just go diving for fun.2004-12-14
Steffen Prince15Cal ugrad looking for buddy who takes diving seriously.2004-12-22
Todd Oliver300+Will dive almost anytime! Let's go!2005-03-29
Todd Oliver300+Will dive almost anytime! Let's go!Also, very interested in volunteering for any dive projects.2005-03-29
Nathan Kamphuis400+Weekend diving durning the semiseter. I have been diving california since 97. I love seeing cool stuff more than great vis. I have been exploring the Monterey area since spring 05 and have found some cool sights.2005-08-28
David Garfinkel6I was just certified over the summer, so I would to do some diving here. I heard NorCal had some great sites. So lets set up trips to do over the semester. Hope to dive with you guys.2005-09-09
Nate Bucholz50+Send me an email if you need a dive buddy for a local dive! 2005-10-12
chris harwood350+interested in diving on the weekends or some weekdays with advanced notice. i like to take photos and am interested in research diving.2005-10-13
nick mitchellmany manylets go diving!
email or gimme a call
Sarah Ferraro20+My friend, a divemaster, and I are looking for people to begin diving with in Monterey/Carmel in the new year. 2005-12-21
Adam TremontMostly hard hat, 10? SCUBAworked as diver in gulf of mexico, new to northern cal, looking for dive buddies on weekends2006-01-22
adamdarn, just noticed this was for uc berkeley people. Ha, email me anyways2006-01-22
Bob Sommer500+I'm a PADI Assistant Instructor, on May 15 2006 I'll be a full instructor. I'm interested in helping people on research dives, doing scuba tune-ups for rusty divers or just diving for fun. I live in Berkeley. Email me, lets dive! 2006-03-30
Tayson Siegel50ish2006-04-18
Herve Bouy~120Looking for buddies to go diving around here2006-04-25
Kris WolfendenfewI just got certified and would love to go diving more often now.2006-09-05
Becky Williams64Always looking for more dives...2007-01-09
Jeremy ChewCalifornia & Hawaii DivesThose in the East Coast, reach out to me. (201) 420 0215. Central NJ or CT ideal. 2007-03-15
Jeremy ChewNumerousHave returned to the bay area after stint in New York/New Jersey. Email jeremy.chew@gmail.com. 2007-10-08
Gabi Weiss40+i have 4 of my 5 PADI advanced dives done but ive dove advanced dives such as oil rigs and san miguel island along with southern california beach diving. freshman at berkeley hoping to major in marine sciences, always up for diving!2008-08-15
Steve Zdunich175I am an occupational diver in Canada looking for opportunities to work and learn on scientific expeditions and research projects. I have a BSc in Biology and extensive diver training and diving experience.
Steve Zdunich175I am an occupational diver in Canada looking for opportunities to work and learn on scientific expeditions and research projects. I have a BSc in Biology and extensive diver training and diving experience.
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