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James MartinChristina I think your one awesome chick, good luck with all the new things you are doing.
Mick GrogerChristina I hope things are going well for you and your enjoying your newfound fame. Have a great Christmas Love Mick
CateChristina, hope things are going well for you. Nice to see such a good website about you. I hope the webmaster will continue to add new photos of you, especially photos in connection with charity work and social events. We should all be as photogenic as you are!
ReneeI'm very happy that you are doing fine with all the things u're planning to do. Good luck with everything u hope to do. I am behind you with whatever you plan to do. And chrissy, merry xmas and a happy new year, have a good one. :)
AdriannaHi Chris, Good luck for the future and may you have a bright & positive one most esp. in your "love life". Hope "Mr. Right" will find you but pls. not Peter as he's a "scumbag" who will always break your heart. There's plenty out there so keep searching for the good one. Am sure he's just around the corner - somewhere.
MarieCouldnt agree more. He's a "BASTARD" - hate him.!!
AshleighHi, u r so cool! i think u handled all that stuff on big brother really good. my firends call me Bella so i incorperated (i think i spelled that right) it in my email address! I think its so cool that you were in the Monaco Ballet!
NicoleChristina you a very cool person and u rock. Have a happy christmas and a happy new year.
DannyHi Chrissy! I love you heaps! Merry Christmas and a happy new year! Plus chrissy if you are reading this, i'd love an email from you! Please do so. Also, what are you up to? Luv from Danny! PS: I reckon you are a hot chick!
chrisnice site but where are all the pics from ralph magazine!!! merry xmas christina
JasmineMerry Christmas Chrissie!! All the very best for the New Year and keep safe. Good luck as well in the future and hope you'll make it. Pls. keep us informed all the time as we love to know your latest movements. Hope to see you more in future magazine covers except i didn't like much the Ralph one. You don't need to go bold, you know even though you've got the body. I just want you to be simple bec. you're already gorgeous as you are. Are you by any chance going out with anyone in particular? Like to share it with us? We don't mind. Not to Peter again pls.
EvelynHey Christina I think U Rock, I cant wait till the next Bigbrother It was awsome Good luck Babe
AnneHi Chrissie. Glad to know your doing well and that you're pursuing a career in acting. I reckon you'll make a good TV presenter too. I hope the producers will give you a part in the next series of BB. Perhaps you can replace Sami Lukas as co-host of the show cos I find her so annoying, really. All the best for the new year and keep in touch as we love to hear more from you.
David StevensHey there Chrissy (or whoever may be viewing these messages on behalf of her anyway). I really just wanted to wish you a really happy Christmas and hope you have a great year in 2002 and in years to come. A huge congratulations on how well you did in BB and how you handled yourself and I also wish you every success in whichever career path you decide to choose in the near future. I know you are going to do really well. Anyway, please feel free if you wish to reply to me but I understand how busy you must be. Just wanted to pass on my very best of wishes to you. Regards Dave :O)
Ashleigh (again)hi,Chrissie i already wrote u a message but i want to again. good luck in your stand-up comedy and have some fun. i'm in the process of making a site for you so when it goes on the net have a look. hope everything goes well in your up-coming auditions, Luv Ashleigh
KaitlynTo Chrissy, I got a teddy bear ballerina and I called her Chrissy because of Christina Ballerina. I am nearly 8 years old and I went to Dreamworld and saw the Big Brother House and now wonder Johnnie bumped his nose because the pool was small. Good luck and lots of love from Kaitlyn McDonald Fraser.
WielmineHi Chrissy ! I'd like you to know that my 21-year old daughter & I are two of your many, many fans. We always talk about you and think of you, wishing you & praying for the best of everything for you. You're so gorgeous on the Bride magazine cover! We're hoping & praying you'll be a top TV star (even movies)! You're talented, beautiful, kind, and well-mannered. Congratulations on your achievements and God's abundant blessings to your training and more magazine covers/features and a bright future in your chosen career and future married life.
MelbelBella Loved your speech when you left the house you are one of my favs and sara-marie and cute Blair Hope to see you some where in the future
paige hedleyyou were one of the nicest and coolest on bigbrother yo
Christina DavisHey everybody! Thankyou all so much for your support.I love reading your messages and am sorry I haven't written to you all but want you to know I am training very hard and am very happy.(and single,despite gossip).Take Care.The webmaster gets all my news first so come here to catch up.Love Chrissy XXX
Daniel (Danny) - SydneyHey Christina, I love you so much. I think you are the most beautiful girl I have laid my eyes on ever. I thank my lucky stars that I have met you, so you already know me. But I'm hoping (and praying) that you will email me so we can catch up. I already catch up with a lot of the housemates, such as Johnnie, Anita, Sara-Marie, Ben and Blair, but would love to hear from you. So much to tell you, but Chrissy, next time you are in Sydney, please tell me and I'll arrange to meet you again. PS: I have done so much with Planet Ark, so if you'd like to see me say hi! PLUS for your own safety, I would suggest that you don't email everyone because you never know who is leaving a message, but I promise that I'm not like that. Ok! See ya, hope to hear from you soon, if you don't remember me, ask Johnnie, coz he knows! Love ya forever chrissy, Love from Danny!!!!!
Hi, Does anyone have all the episodes of Big Brother Australia I can buy or trade from you? I'm really desperate so if anyone can help me, please do. My e-mail address is: tonto1278@hotmail.com Thanks, Tonto1278
shereeHi Christina, Just wanted to tell you I enjoed watching you on big brother you were my favourite housemate. I also am a dancer and have been doing it since i was three.I hope you are still continuing with it. Hope you had a good Christmas and Happy New Year. Regards, Sheree
CharmaineThis message is for "Mr Anonymous" . You sound too good to be true for our beloved christina as we've always wanted her to meet someone right and bec. we care so much for her so if you're really serious with her - go and chase her!!! But what do you do for a living? Your age sounds ok though. Hope you won't treat her the same way Peter did as that's not very gentleman and she doesn't deserve that. If you are her Mr. right, follow your dreams and don't give up the fight. Keep us posted though. Good luck!
AndrewChristina you are a HOT chick and have the potencial to go even further then you allready are. Number 1 fan Andrew
WielmineHi Chrissy, Paul, and Chrissy fans ! It's good to read heaps of lovely messages for Chrissy ... what a wonderful website, and most of all, to read Chrissy's recent message. My daughter and I love you very much and wish you all the best in everything : career, family and social life, and future marriage. I pray for you and would love to see you on TV top jobs. Take care. Continue being so beautiful. Congrats to Paul for this website! Blessings through Lord Jesus, Wielmine.
LuzviminThis is to all Christina's admirers. I like her like a daughter and to all of you who are sincerely interested to have a very personal relationship with her then why expect her to contact any of you. Why, as a gentleman way, do the chasing up to, at least, prove to her your sincerity. You all know where to get in touch with her so do the rest and prove to her how much you love her. I'm sure she'll appreciate it that way. Introduce yourself face to face or get someone to personally introduce you then invite her from there. That way, it's more decent approach rather than waiting for her to reply back thru your e-mail messages. She's probably busy taking advantage of the opportunity coming her way as far as "making a living", as you all know, she's a battler too. So you have to understand her situation and you men out there make the first move like a sincere and honest man should do. Ok Guys?
Ashleigh (Bella)Hi Chrissie! OK, so I've got my website for you online now at www.zipworld.com.au/~casgryn/ so you can go now if you want. Sorry it's kind of lame but I'll fix it up and make it nicer soon. By the way, how's your auditions going? You can contact me to suggest stuff and any questions or whatever about my site or anything else at my email (well that was slightly redundant wasn't it? of course you'll contact me at my email.) Can you tell me what you're doing now and soon so I can post it on my site? Love, Ashleigh (Bella)XXX
PaulChristina, you really are awesome - attractive, witty, affectionate, passionate ... I'm a 29yo guy and I'd love to hear from you :)
Hayley*~G'day howz it goin? i hope things are going great for you!~* cya
Dan the fan (of chrissy)A MUST READ MESSAGE TO ALL EXCLUSIVE INFO IS NOW AVAILABLE AT BALLERINA'S WORLD! UPDATED BY ME AND OTHER FANS OF CHRISSY PARTAKE, I UPDATE THE LATEST INFO AND EXCLUSIVE TO THE WORLD. CHECK OUT THE SITE NOW!! www.communities.ninemsn.com.au/ballerinasworld LOG ON and remember Big Brother is watching. I also would like to say that I really like Chrissy, even love, I don't know what I have to do to get her to be mine! I have proved how much of a fan I am more than anyone. I have gone out of my way just to see her on heaps of occasions. Chrissy, please, I am begging you, please love me too. I can't help the way I feel for you. I love you. Dan xxx ps marry me??!!?
WielmineHi Chrissy! How have you been ? I just want to let you know that we care for you so much - my daughter and myself. I agree with Luzvimin's message to those guys who are interested in you. Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to seeing you in a great TV show with a top job. Take care. You're most loved. Love & pray'rs in Lord Jesus Christ (Mrs) Wielmine
WielmineHi Chrissy! We do miss you. I hope you we'll see you on TV very soon or whichever you may do first. Take care. Love in Jesus, Wielmine.
WielmineHi Chrissy! We do miss you. I hope we'll see you on TV very soon or whichever you may do first. Take care. Love in Jesus, Wielmine.
CleoMessage to you Mr. Anonymous: Or perhaps a motherly or sisterly advice - If you really feel that strong for Christina, then you must be prepared to have the will to fight for her and win her at the end. Don't easily give up. If there's a will, there's a way so GO and follow your heart - you'll never know, at the end, you'll both discover you're each other's soulmate.
chany andersonI thought u were grest on big brother and u still r great Christina.
WielmineHi Chrissy! How have you been ? We do miss you. I'm hoping and praying for your success. You have many, many fans who care for you a lot. Love in Jesus Wielmine
FrankChristina, it is a joy to see you occasionally pop up on TV. Good luck with whatever career in theatre/film/tv you choose to enter into. From reading some of these messages it is obvious you have a built-in band of followers who will be happy to go to see what you do. This has to be an advantage in any audition. I hope you get whatever success you want.
JoricarHi chrissie, just wondering what are you up to these days? Hope you are preparing for something big for your career. Pls. keep us posted as am sure there's plenty out there who wanted to know your latest movements. You still have fans out there who would like to see you get involved in lots of things and keen to know how you're going. Anyway, hope you're fine and job prospects keep knocking at your door. Good luck!
chanyChristina i think u and peter made a perfect match.Was the relationship worth having?
Clinthey Chrissy I hope all is going well for you what ever your up to...? and i just wanted to say thank god you havent contacted this anon freak!!! he sounds like a real wacko who wont let up. A little word of advice for Mr Anon, I'll put it real subtle as not to offend GO AWAY YOU NUTCASE...LEAVE HER ALONE
Savannah Charlton Happy Birthday Chickadee.....XXX
VictorHey christina have you ever tryed getting into acting, I think you would be a great actress, good luck for your future projects and hope to see you on tv soon....
VictorHappy Birthday
CarleyHI CHRISSY (Bella)!!!!:-) Boy am I glad to see what my 3rd fave housemate is up to. What do you think of BB2? I'm just wondering. It would be nice to see what you think of BB2. But in my own opinion it's okay but not as half good as last year:-) Anyway keep up the work sweetie:-) Love Carley
Hi christina, finally writing to say that I thought you handled yourself really well in the house. The other people didn't really give you a chance to express yourself, but anyone with half a brain saw who you really were. Godd luck with everything and Peter sucked.....
NickChristina here I am again thinking of you Your moments and time in BB1 are still in my mind. Keep the music play and make everything possible. I know you can do it, you deserve it. Love , memories and another challenge.
LauraHey Chrissy how r u doing?is life good 4 u?i just wanted 2 say that u r the sweetest and most kind and caring and most beautiful person in the big brother house and u r also very natural whic jemma wasn't she was fake!I hope u r keeping well cya***
MelHey Chrissie, I'd just like to say that you're so funny and you were the only person in the house whom I could relate to. Love, Mel!
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