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Name Girl Cast Material Time Cost Date Product More info Erotic Crutch Wheelchair Closeups Footplay Publicking Gimping Cast Signing Polish Video DVD CD Online Video Archive Highlights Cast App/Rmv Most Popular
ERene3llwc.2001-12-01EMA V13More infoNice toeplay with polish, rings & press-on tatoos
ERene2llc.2001-12-01EMA V12More infoGimps large flight of stairs, massages casted toes
Marian1llwc.2000-02-01CGJ V37More infoArchiveNotable for close foot shots, toe curling &rubbing
Nanallc 2llc1998-11-01CGJ V17More infoOnline VideoArchiveRubbing casted toes w/oil., public wheelchair ride
Mikallc.2001-12-01CGJ V77More infoOnline VideoArchiveFriend signs cast up close which annoys her
Raichillc.2001-12-01CGJ V76More infoArchiveGreat scenes crutching helplessly at work
Saorillc.2001-11-01CGJ V75More infoArchiveBags her cast and toes for great shower scene!
Steph1llc.2001-09-01EMA V9More infoPantyhose cuts outs, crutching, masturbation
Steph2llc.2001-09-01EMA V10More infoStephanie gets her toes publicly massaged!
Jackiellc.2001-08-01EMA V7More infoOnline VideoNotable for casted masturbation scene
Jillllc.2001-05-01EMA V3More infoExceptional crying scene as Jill crutches in house
Kaylallc.2001-05-01EMA V4More infoOnline VideoCutout pantyhose and dildo masturbation
Rin6llc.2001-12-27CGJ V65More infoArchiveCloseup publicking scenes at beach & night crutch
Mayallc.2001-03-01EMA V2More infoCuts up black hose, cast & foot rub,masturbation
Siori1llc.1998-02-01CGJ V1More infoArchiveGreat publicing scenes,awesome toe polish closeup
Riellc.1998-07-01CGJ V7More infoArchiveGreat long scene in restaurant wigglng casted toes
Naomi & Tomokollc.1998-03-01CGJ V2More infoArchiveGreat scene brushing sand & snow off toes
Mayumillc.2001-05-01CGJ V5More infoArchiveGreat street publicking scenes w/business suit
Siori2llc.1998-10-01CGJ V14More infoOnline VideoArchiveAwesome scene of her crying w/casted toes curled
Ayallc.1998-12-01CGJ V19More infoOnline VideoArchiveGreat undertable scene in restaurant, carries shoe
Xenallc.1999-01-01NYL V1More infoOnline VideoLots of crutching & friend assiting her!
ERene1llc.2001-03-01EMA V1More infoCrutches in from the snow up stairs, masturbation
Kasumillc ace2001-02-01CGJ V62More infoArchivemodeling cast&fishnets, friend bandages leg
Vivianllc.2000-11-01CGJ V58More infoOnline VideoArchiveUses hanger to scratch, great public cast signing!
Reonallc.2000-10-01CGJ V56More infoArchiveAwesome cast modeling & closeup footplay!
Angelallc.2000-08-27NYL V11More infoLots of crutching, clothes changing & leg rubs!
Norikallc.2000-08-01CGJ V50More infoArchiveGreat crutching, closeups, & cast/foot rubbing!
Ayumillc.2000-06-27CGJ V45More infoOnline VideoArchiveLots of toe wiggling, struggling up w/crutches
Lianallc.2000-06-01SNE V3More infoOnline VideoArchiveThis blond beauty does lots of toe rubbing!
Hitomillc.1998-04-01CGJ V3More infoOnline VideoArchiveSuperb public crutching & cast closeups!
Seirallc brc1999-04-27CGJ V23More infoOnline VideoArchiveGreat crutching, modeling & wheelchair scenes!
Tyler C1llc.1999-05-01REN V3More infoLots crutching, changing and a nice foot massage
Renee C1llc.1999-05-01REN V1More infoNice crutching, changing and masturbation scenes.
Renee C2llc.2000-06-27REN V4More infoGreat closeup lesbian scenes in this one!
Rinllc.2000-05-27CGJ V43More infoArchiveGreat cast signing/closeup casted toe scene!
Tree1llc.2000-12-01AVS 1More infoOnline VideoGreat sex prolonged sex scene in a cast!
Tree2llc.2000-04-27AVS 2More infoGreat Oral pleasure & foot worship scenes!
Tree12llc.2000-04-27AVS V12More infoGreat closeup sex, oral pleasure & foot worship!
Junkollc.2000-03-27CGJ V40More infoArchiveSuperb publicking & cast/clothing modeling!
Myallc ace air cast1999-12-01NYL V8More infoOnline VideoGreat cast to sprain and some casted toe shots!
Angel C1llc.1999-05-01REN V2More infoNice crutching, changing & masturbation scenes.
LLC Prv2llc.1999-09-01CGJ VP2More infoArchiveFeatures seven Asian girls in LLC's
LLC Prv1llc.1999-12-27CGJ VP1More infoArchiveFeatures seven Asian girls in LLC's
Miyukillc.1999-09-01CGJ V30More infoArchiveLots of closeup toe wiggling, touching/crutching!
Natuyollc.2000-03-27CGJ V34More infoOnline VideoArchiveLots of crutching, wiggling toe closeups,rips hose
Sakurallc.1999-10-01CGJ V32More infoOnline VideoArchiveA very kinky video, lots of great closeup scenes!
Rinkallc.1999-10-01CGJ V29More infoArchivepublic crutching & bus scene! Cast app & rmv
Cherylllc ace1999-01-01NYL V7More infoLots of cast posing on couch! Sprain scene
Ej's Girlsllc slc llwc slwc bc lac sac2000-08-01EJG VCMore infoOnline VideoArchiveEj's pretty cased girls in all their glory!
BC/HB Prvbc llc lac1999-09-01CGJ VP5More infoArchivePreview of CGJ BC related videos
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