SPN Tech Trouble Report
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Laura Piranio2002-02-14My reboot button is stuck in and won't come back out. Therefore, the computer in my room won't shut down and will not work.Try pressing the other button--there are 2. One is for re-boot. The other is for on/off. One of these should do the trick. If neither of them respond pull the electrical cable from the back of the computer. This will turn it off. Plug the electrical cable back into the computer and it will re-boot. You might get the "blue screen"/scan disk and a nasty message saying you didn't shut down the computer properly--just ignore the nastiness and agree with anything the computer "tells you". You'll wind up in Windows and ready to go.
Janet Freitag2002-02-15My computer has not been linked with the printer in this building. I cannot print!1. On the desktop, double click on “Network Neighborhood”
2. Find the computer nearest your classroom. For example, Mrs. Freitag would look for Ms. Landry’s computer ( listed as #something Landry—or some similar name)
3. Double click on that computer
4. Look for a printer icon and double click on it
5. AGREE with any prompt given
6. You should then be able to print.
Ruby2002-02-15Cathy, As usual, the computer is very slow and freezes at least twice a day. The email fail often comes up stating no folder exists or file lost, then I'll get 2 or 3 copies of the same email.We will be ordering new computers for teachers who have the oldest models (like you) within the next few weeks.
Ray Nell Burns2002-02-15I have a very very old computer in my classroom, that no longer works. May I discard it?Please send any computer you want to discard to the new computer lab. I can recycle parts of non-working computers to revive others.
Lesley Terminie2002-02-18Cathy-I went to the writing lab on Friday 2-15 and several computers were not working and one in particular would not let the student type her story. Also, the students were not familiar with using spell/grammar check. Please help! On another subject-I also have two computers that are not being used in my room. You can have them if you need them.I need to know which computers aren't working--please send me the computer numbers (each computer has a different number).

As for spelling and grammar check--we did NOT teach the students how to use these tools. INTSTEAD, we taught the children to fix the errors by trying to correct them themselves. We don't want the kids to rely on the computer to automatically "think" for them. We want the computer to POINT OUT their mistakes so that THEY (the students) can correct them. Of course, if they need help, you are there to help them.
Lesley Terminie2002-02-18I have two computers that are not being used in my room. You can have them if you need them.Done
Laura Piranio2002-02-18My on/off button on my computer still will not work. When I go to shut down the computer, the button will not turn it off. Also, (before this incident) my computer freezes about four or five times a day when loading bigchalk. It has also been loading very slowly lately.We will be ordering new computers for teachers who have the oldest models (like you) within the next few weeks.
Ruby Kirsch2002-02-19Cathy, My computer screen is full of lines and now has a box in it which I cannot read. It"s like one of those boxes that says dnj entry or something like that. I'm not touching it until you come and see it. I hope I can get a new computer soon. I'm mailing this from Hazel's room. Thanks for your help. Ruby We will be ordering new computers for teachers who have the oldest models (like you) within the next few weeks.
linda clesi2002-02-19Cathy, I just want to remind you that I have a computer that I can't get the picture to come up clear on the screen. It is just a bunch of moving lines. When you get a chance, if you can come check it, I would appreciate it. Thanks.Resolved
janet freitag2002-02-22I have not recieved any e-mails since 2-13, I have sent 2 test e-mails from home and they didn't go thru.Resolved
Sue Harney2002-02-22I am having problems with the PowerPoint that was installed in my classroom. I can't get sounds, and the speakers are on. And the online clipart won't come up - it says to rerun setup. Now on the laptop, the pictures won't show up on the presentation that was saved to disk.Stop by the lab to pick up the disk. I know you know how to install the program. If you don't have the time let me know and I will ask Evie to re-install it for you.
Sue Harney2003-03-14I have the laptops with the Student Writing Center installed on them in my class. I have not used them because now that we are going to the writing lab, I don't want to confuse the kids with different directions, and they won't be saving work that will transfer. Do you want these, perhaps for Holly's class? Or for harvesting purposes? And on another note, I love this! It is really a cool thing!!!
Janet Freitag2002-02-25Kathy, I know I told you I may have fixed the problem, but I don't think I did. I still have not recieved any e-mails since 2-13.Resolved
Holly LaCoste2002-02-25I keep receiving duplicate messages on e-mail. I have received the last tech letter at last count six times and the oops twice. I have another message from Brother Martin that has been sent six times.It takes at least ten minutes for all this to load. Archdiocese is fiddling around with the email. Others (including myself) are getting this weirdness as well as messages that mailboxes are full, or that accounts don't exist. I expect that this might go on for a few days, and there is nothing we can do about it except ignore it as best we can and delete error messages.
Linda Schambach2002-02-25The screen is "running" like a vertical hold problem on a TV.O.K. for now
Linda Schambach2002-02-25I have three computers that take turns coming on. Each day 1-2 computers work but never all three. There is no rhyme or reason to the pattern. By not coming on I mean that there is nothing on the monitor. Is this just an old age problem or...When computers grow old they get flakey. Many times if you turn them off (as well as the monitors) and then turn them back on they revive. Also, check to make sure that none of the connections in the back came loose--this happens sometimes and if you re-connect the cable all is well
Helen Generos2002-02-26The printer for the 4th and 5th grade rooms is not working.It is working now but I moved it to Stacey's classroom because Gail's computer is having problems.
Denise Simoneaux2002-02-26Speakers come in and out I have checked the connections but still no dice. Also, my buttons on my computer do not work. My computer will not allow me to delete old lessons off of my web site. Resolved
Sue harney2002-02-26Cathy, I tried to reinstall the Microsoft Office on my desktop (which is the computer hooked up to the TVator). I think I am following the directions, but I am still not getting the microsoft gallery of clipart and I am not getting sound for the presentations. Do you think we should install it on the laptop, and hook the laptop to the TVator? Can we do that once it is installed on the laptop (licensing issues)? Thanks, Cathy! SueResolved
Vicki Crosby2002-02-27My TVator keeps disconnecting on its own. I don't know how to get it hooked up again.Make sure the VCR power is on, use the VCR remote, press menu-3-3-3-enter-quit.
To view TV (Cox stations or CSPN closed circuit) turn the VCR off. To get the TVator back on, turn the VCR back on.
Cochiara2002-02-28Monitor won't come on. Resolved. Monitors often appear not to be working for one of 3 reasons:
1. They are not turned on
2. The electrical cable came slightly loose from the back of the monitor (it may appear to be plugged in completey bu a few "jiggles' and "pushes" makes it come alive.
3. The cable connecting the monitor to the back of the computer may be loose. Make sure it is correctly seated in its slot and that those little thumbscrews are tight.
Campanella for Harney2002-03-04Move TVator to laptop Load MSOffice on laptopDONE
Evie Vollenweider2002-03-08I can't get the laptop on the internet. I tried re-booting with the connection in and it didn't work. I also tried the connection from my desktop and it didn't work either. All other programs work fine.Try taking the NIC (Network Interface Card) out and putting it back in. It's on the side--it's the gizmo where you plug the network cable in. You should see a little button to press which will release the card.
Breaux2002-03-11Cannot print from my laptop. Even my tech rep is confounded.Resolved
Denise Simoneaux2002-03-11I need help setting up two computers. Thanks for the invite to your house. Set up one PC--needs Win on other
Foss2002-03-13Remove old equipmentDone
Ruby Kirsch2002-03-13Cathy' Could I please get Denise's old computer in place of the one that does notwork in the back of my classroom for the children. Thanks. RubyDone
Ruby Kirsch2002-03-13Cathy, Thanks for the computer. I tried to change the routimg for my email but was unsuccessful. Its still printing to lesley's room. Thanks. RubyI checked and you DID properly setup the printer to print to Hazel's room.
Library2002-03-14Check wiringDone
Vicki Crosby2002-03-15I tried to get my e-mail this morning and when I type in my password, it just keeps saying authorizing and it won't go on to let me read my messages. I click CANCEL and it says there is an error with my password.The Archdiocese shut the email down to scan for viruses. It was down for a few hours. It is working again.
Vicki Crosby2002-03-19When I try to save in Microsoft Word, it will not save. It is saying it has insufficient memory and asking if I want to save as rescued document or something??Your computer had the Nimda Worm--nasty little virus like thing that causes emails to load continuously (but you usually can't see that by looking at your email). The result is that the computer uses most of its memory to load the emails and doesn't have enough left to run the programs you need. I killed the worm. All seems well. Let me know if you continue to have these problems.
Stacey2002-03-20My SPN e-mail account using outlook express is not working. My mail is being forwarded to my home/personal address. However, I have no access to my SPN aacount to send mail with my SPN address. 1. Go to Start, Programs, Accesories, System Tools, Scandisk, and run scandisk--correct errors
2. Close Outlook Express
3. Open Outlook Express
Library2002-03-20Tvator won't work.Set monitor/adapter refresh to 60hz--lower pixel setting
Simoneaux2002-03-20Needs Win loaded on donated PCDone
Evie Vollenweider2002-03-20The large computer needs to be restarted whenever the program is changed, as well as, every morning. I ran scan disk,disk clean up and disk defrag, but the problem is still there.Removed Office 2000 programs from StartUp folder. Resolved? Wait and see.
Landry2002-03-25The mouse is not working properly.Often when the mouse reacts in a jerky or uncooperative manner, it just needs to be cleaned:

1. turn upside down and twist the small disk in the direction indicated.
2. dislodge the ball
3. clean all the gook out--especially the lint that accumilates around those black bars that spin
4. clean off the ball
5. put it all back together

Other times the mouse pointer appears as a fuzzy white box on the screen. If this happens re-boot the computer. That almost ALWAYS takes care of this fuzzy box problem.
Ruby Kirsch2002-03-25The two computers inb the back of the classroom will not boot up. The moniyors are on and I reset the computers a couple of thimes and also completely turned them off and on. Help. I only have one working for the students. Thanks> RubyFor older computers it might be best to leave them running all the time. They act like old people--it's really hard for them to get going. But once you get them going they're usually be O.K.

I recommend turning off the MONITORS ONLY--that way weekend visitors will think they are off and be less tempted to use them.
Nebel2002-04-02Need a TVator for laptopDone
Breaux2002-04-02Need to configure laptop to use TVatorDONE
Block2002-04-02TVator show only black & white.Exchanged TVator
Harney2002-04-02Need a TVator for laptopDone
Vicki Crosby2002-04-02Cathy, My Word is still acting funny. When I was typing my lesson plans, as I was writing, the letter before the letter I would type would delete. (Hard to explain)When things aren't working as they should the FIRST thing you should do is re-start your computer.

Save your work (if needed and if possible) then go to:
1. "Start"--on the bottom left corner of the screen
2. "Shut Down"
3. "Re-start"

This often clears up the problems. If it doesn't, let me know.
Laiche2002-04-03Internet and email won't workCheck the cable which connects you to the Internet. It looks like the cable you have at home that you plug your phone into. If it's unplugged, or not plugged in completely, you won't get online.
Sue Harney2002-04-03The TVator on the laptop will only work on the TV when my laptop is closed!!! What's up with THAT?????Done
Mrs. Nebel2002-04-08When at school I cannot get to the internet. Bellsouth screen comes up and tells me that there is no internet connection to bellsouth.I am trying to get to the internet connection for school. I use to connect but this morning I could not.Done
Ruby Kirsch2002-04-09Cathy, The tv aitor isn't working. I'm sure I've got the computer connected correctly. Please help.Same as Vickie's problem at 2002-02-27
Helen Generos2002-04-10Suddenly I am unable to receive prayers etc. on the TV.If the electricity goes out or if the surge protector has been unplugged the TV and VCR lose their settings.

To re-set TV settings:
1. Use the TV remote to find stations--we have various makes and models here at school but basically you want to go to the "Menu" and have the program "find" or "set" or "save" all channels
2. Put on Channel 3

To re-set the TVator/VCR:
See Vickie's posting (above) on 2002-02-27
Tricia Laiche2002-04-11Unable to print-states Harney's printer is no longer available, try using another printer. I can print from her computer in her classroom, but not from the one on my desk.See the posting on 2002-02-15 for how to get your printer back online.
Ruby2002-04-11Cathy, We are out of ink for the printer in Hazel's room. I can change the cartridge if you get it to me.Thanks. RubyDone
gailnebelI2002-04-14I cannot copy to my web sitefrom micro soft word.Restart your computer. Looks like you ran out of memory and re-booting should take care of this problem.
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