Our 10th Annual 2006 Draft Contest had some great entries but no winner.
Thanks for participating and we hope to see you all back next year for our 11th Annual Draft Contest.

2006 Prize - Hard cover book by Alan Ross

Contest Rules.

The Contest winner must pick correctly who the Packers will select with their first 2 selections.
In the case of duplicate entries the first to submit wins any tie breaker.

Entry deadline Saturday April 29th, 2006 @12:01am Central

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First & Last Name Email Packers' first pick #1 position #1 school Packers' second pick #2 position #2 school Comments
KING MAXIAJ HawkOhio StateDavin JosephOklahomaI really want Mario Williams but I think he will be gone by pick #5 so Hawk isn't a bad second choice.
kevin mcallistermichael hufftexasdeuce lutuiuscI am the draft GURU!
reed kleinhansmario williamsnc stateD'qwell jacksonmaryland
bluedogVernon DavisMarylandNick MangoldOhio State
adam deckerd'brickashaw fergusonvirginiathomas howardutepI hope AJ Hawk is available but if not, I see them going OL
Andy JonesMario WillamsN.C. StateAbdul HodgeIowa
Tim WellerritterAJ HawkOhio St.Kelly JenningsMiami
Aaron DavisA. J. HawkOhio StateAntonio CromartieFlorida StateHawk's a given. Davin Joseph is a good pick but I hate to duplicate someone else's picks. I am hoping for Mangold but the Jets and Saints both lost centers and pick right before GB. So I'll go with the high risk/high potential cornerback.
Brian SkortzMario WilliamsNC StateMax Jean-GillesGeorgia A DE that can rush the passer and a Offensive Guard to protect Brett and provide some help for the run game are the two most glaring needs.
keith arndtVernon DavismarylandBobby Carpenterohio stateVernon Davis can easily become a receiver with his speed and agility; big target with a lot of range. The Pack are looking for big receivers and those that are also good solid blockers for the running game. Carpenter is a legitamite choice since Hawk will be gone by this point.
Dave BunkAJ HawkOSUDeuce LutuiUSC If they go with whom they percieve as BPA,who can tell? Should be interesting!
Charles HansenDeAngelo WilliamsDerek HaganDeAngelo Williams is a more powerful version of Warrick Dunn, I think GB is really heading towards that scheme of offense (Right now the offensive side looks almost identical to the Falcon's) so DeAngelo will fit right in. Bush would be the ultimate pick for GB but I think the Texans would ask too much, might happen though if GB can pick either D'Brick Ferguson or Vince Young (depends on who Houston wants) and makes the deal happen with a trade. Derek Hagan is the guy for second round, GB needs receivers and it's a shoot out between Derek and Martin Nance, I think Derek gets the pick because Nance is coming off an ACL injury and I believe TT is looking for durability within his roster. So it's offense with the first two picks and RB will be number one.
Javier SullivanMatt LeinartUSCChad GreenwayIowaHoping that the contest is for who the Packers draft and not who they end up with!!
Jerry R.Michael HuffTexasBobby CarpenterOhio State
Jerry GarceauAJ HawkThe Ohio State UniversityLeaonard PopeGeorgiaI Think we trade down a few spots in the 2nd round to get an extra pick, then Take Pope...we need someone to stretch the feild! Hawks the smart #1 pick assuming Williams is gone...woulndt be surprised if we trade down out #5 pick, for he right deal! Keep the faith
Jason KilgoreA.J. HawkOhio StateBrian CalhounWisconsin
McLean MachutMichael HuffTexasErnie SimsFSUI am awesome. Bow before me in all my glory.
Michael BreenA.J. HawkOhio StateKelly JenningsMiami (FL)A. Carroll's days are numbered!!!
Ray DahlkeAJ HawkOhio State Antonio CromartieFlorida State
boomer kohlimike hufftexasde.ryansalabamawith m williams off the board T.T trades down get safety/corner man in huff and lb ryans with 2nd pick
frank kuehnlvernon davismarylanddavin josephoklahoma
Jeff LeisherNick MangoldOhio St.Bobby CarpenterOhio St.Major trades. Packers trade #5 pick with Robert Ferguson
to Denver for both of their 1st rd picks. Packers trade
Javon Walker to Steelers for pick #32 in the 1st rd plus
3rd rd pick. Robert Thomas LB to the Bills for 5th rd pick.
David Martin TE to the Rams for 6th rd pick. Mark Roman
S to 49ers for 6th rd pick. Here's my Packer draft, with
these trades.

1. Nick Mangold C Ohio St.
1. Bobby Carpenter LB Ohio St.
1. Mathias Kiwanuka DE Boston College
2. Davin Joseph G Oklahoma
3. Jason Avant WR Michigan
3. Cedric Griffin S/CB Texas
4. Freddie Roach ILB Alabama
4. Drew Olson QB UCLA
5. Owen Daniels TE Wisconsin
5. Johnny Jolly DT Texas A&M
6. Chris Kuper G North Dakota
6. Rashad Butler T Miami
6. Anthony Mix WR/TE Auburn
7. Mike Kudla DE Ohio St.
1. Miles Austin WR Monmouth
2. Patrick Cobbs RB N.Texas
3. Stephen Gostkowski K Memphis
4. Donald Penn T Utah St.
5. Nik Moser S Iowa St.
6. Thomas Carroll DE Miami
7. Jason Palermo G Wisconsin
8. Erik Gill TE Pittsburgh
9. Brett Elliott QB Linfield
10. Reed Doughty S N.Colorado
William SullivanAJ HawkOhioAntoinio CromartieFlorida St
Thomas JohnsonVernon
Brooks CampbellChad GreenwayIOWAChad JacksonFlorida
Jeff BrandErnie SimsOhio ST.Mathias KiwaunakaFlorida St.
Elmer PeralaVernon DavisMarylandErnie SimsFlorida StateBoth are impact type players
Mark InchaVernon DavisMarylandBobby CarpenterOhio State
Eric BaggsR. BushuscBob CarpenterOhio State
Andrew FaustMario WilliamsN.C. StateThomas HowardUTEP
Todd RussMario WilliamsNC StateJonathan ScottTexas
Paul WatsonA.J. HawkOhio StateMax Jean-GillesGeorgia
Kathy ClayVince YoungTexasDaryl TappVA Tech
David NoraAJ HawkOhio StateMaurice StovallNotre DameI expect Green Bay to end up with 10 or more draft picks so where the trades down begin I don't know but I expect Walker to go draft day. This draft doesn't not feature many superstar recievers so after Jackson goes, Walker's value goes up where GB gets that extra first which can then be packaged for multiple later picks.
jeff salzmanJimmy WilliamsSouth CarolinaAbdul HodgeIowaThe Williams pick is based upon a trade down to the 10 - 15 area. Would prefer they stay and pick Hawk at #5 and use the 2nd on Nick Mangold.
Hodge puts Barnett to the will position. Second 2nd round pick obtained is used on Maurice Stovall WR Notre Dame.
Drew VogelSuper MarioNorth Carolina St.D'Qwell JacksonMaryland
Randy MassogliaA.J. HawkThe Ohio State UniversityDerek HaganArizona State
Jeremy BoncherA.J. HawkOhio St.Antonio CromartieFlorida St.
Robert MoserowitzVernon DavisMarylandRoger "Rocky" McIntoshMiamiFirst pick should be a game changer, TE running 4.4 in WCO is perfect.
Roger HalversonMichael HuffTexasDarryn ColledgeBoise St
Fred PossA.J. HawkOhio StateGabe WatsonMichiganMy alter ego says Vernon Davis TE for round one and Bobby Carpenter in round two.
Dale MuellerMario WilliamsNC STThomas HowardUTEP
Jedd JohnsonBrodrick BunkleyFlordia StateDwayne SlayTexas Tech
Gary Evensonvernon davisMarylandDavin JosephOklahomaI'd like to see Mario fall to #5 but I don't see it happening. I have a feeling TT will trade down a few picks and nab Davis at #1. I think Davis would be a difference maker, more so than Hawk. At #2, they need some OL help. Davin Jospeph would fit well in the new zone blocking sheme.
John SteuckMario WilliamsN.C. StateChad GreenwayIowa
Andrew VotsmierDeAngelo WilliamsUniveristy of MemphisDavin JosephOklahomaWell, this is a fact of what's going to happen.
Gary StoutVince YoungTexasSantonio HolmesOhio State
David SteckVernon DavisMarylandThomas HowardUTEP
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