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Bill & Barbara ByrdWilliamsburg, VAThank you for sharing your page - very nice! We really appreciate being one of your links.
Thomas ClarkSanta Barbara CAGlad to see something good happening in Santa Barbara. Maybe we need to do something like the USMC Goleta Field? Lets talk about this.
Vince SchlerfSanta Barbara CABruce, give us a break, your stuff is too nice. I don't know when I'll have anything to submit as having seen your work, I'm thinking of taking a large hammer to my collection and ending it all. Vince
Chuck ScudelariSanta Barbara CAThanks for letting me know about the site... now I just need to finish something. Chuck
Brian CarterEngland UKHi Guys Excellent page. well done. Brian C
Ed BiscontiGlendale Heights, IllinoisThis site recalls to memory my first love of models as I built a small airforce of WWll 1/72 scale models. As usual alot of nicely done aircraft models and real aircraft images. This puts "Santa Barbara Modelers" just slightly ahead of our time!
Bob RichardsPasadena, Ca.Nice site guys. Bruce, your models loook really good. Hope to see you all soon.
Dave MooreSan Diego, CAGreat site! You do some awesome models....wish i just had time anymore for modeling!
the Red Flag Scale ModelersLas Vegas, Nv. Home of Red FlagHello, Just wanted to say that we like your site and keep modeling!!!
Mike EdwardsGreene, IowaGreat site, great models, and I loved the old record. If you get more post them for all to hear.
Thanks for making it interesting! Mike
Phillip ThorntonGreenhill, AlabamaJust now heard about this site. Great models! I'll visit regularly.
Dan Farnham (a.k.a. Dan the Squid)College Place, WashingtonGreat site! Nicely done pictures, and the variety is great! I'm thinking of sending you two or three pictures when I finish my PBY-5A that I will be converting to a firebomber, as soon as I finish my Tigercat firebomber. Great site that you're doing!
greg treichelalgona washingtongreat site. loved the old revell records. brings back memories of when i was a kid.
Joseph GaradnerSanta Baarbara, CalifBruce, looks like you've been busy, great inspiration. Plan to get back to work on my P-47 b conversion for the
next modelfest. Your new digital camera really does justice to these models. Look foreward to seeing more of everyone's fine scale offerings. Records are fun and a nice bit of nostalgia.
David O. GarciaHampton VAGreat site and Wonderful models. Thanks for getting the records from the early Revell days on the site.

Thanks again.

George LarsonSanta Barbara, californiaNew Motivation!!! to finish the Huey Hog! Gonna have to stop by the shop too...
Good jobs on the models people!! I hope to submit a photo soon......
P>S. Open the damn windows...quit sniffin the glue!
Dave WaalkesGrand Rapids, MichiganThanks for posting this site - great pics. It inspires me to get me to work actually BUILDING some of my closet full of kits! :o
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