Carpenters ConcertsCarpenters Concerts

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Date City State (if USA) Country Program Comments
1970-02-26Los AngelesCAUnited StatesBacharach MedleyReiss-Davis Clinic benefit performance
1966-06-24HollywoodCAUnited StatesThe Girl From Ipanema - Iced Tea(pre-Carpenters) Richard Carpenter Trio, "Battle of the Bands" finalist winner
1973-08-18Los AngelesCAUnited StatesAmphitheatre
1972-08-13Los AngelesCAUnited StatesTBDGreek Theatre in Griffith Park
1971-08-22ColumbusOHUnited StatesTBDOhio State Fair
1971-07-16HollywoodCAUnited StatesTBDHollywood Bowl, presented by KRLA and Sight & Sound Productions
1971-11-24BuffoloNYUnited StatesTBDMemorial Auditorium

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