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Date Name Email Wanted Available Quantity Team Name Team Ref Base Outer Base Inner Comments
2002-09-23Mark2Alloa/Watford6blackgold/yelSwap or buy
2002-09-23Mark1Dundee44BLUEWHITEH/W, BUY OR SWAP
2002-09-23Mark1Leeds21whitewhiteh/w, buy or swap
2002-09-23Mark2Norwich28greenyellowswap preferred
2002-09-23MarK1Bishop Auckland33blackwhite
2002-10-06Phil Markham2Blackpool13WhiteWhite
2002-10-06Phil Markham3Plymouth54GreenWhite
2002-10-10Lorenzo1Holland Walker13orangewhiteI search the old Hw Walker Holand in good condition
2002-10-13Neil1Australia62GreenyellowH/W type Will swap or buy,see my list of swaps is quite varied
2002-10-13Neil1Genoa72BlueRedH/W type Will swap or buy,see my list of swaps is quite varied
2002-10-13Neil1F.C. Zurich/Israel1WhiteWhiteH/W type Will swap or buy,see my list of swaps is quite varied
2002-10-18Cristian1Holland13orangewhiteH/W type in good condition to swap or bay.
2002-10-18Cristian3Romania160BlueYellowH/W type in good condition to swap or bay.
2002-10-18Cristian1Great Britain65GreenBlackH/W type in good condition to swap or bay.
2002-10-23sbzPainted spectators for spare heavyweights
2002-10-23Neil1Israel113WhiteWhiteH/W type Will swap or buy,see my list of swaps is quite varied in for sale/wanted/swaps
2002-11-04Dominic2ajax56whiteredmint players please contact a.s.a.p!!!!
2002-11-08Piero3Southampton-A.Bilbao9RedBlackHW - Required in *very* mint conditions
2002-11-10Craig Gentleman3Cambridge30blackyellow
2002-11-10Craig Gentleman2Clyde81RedBlack
2002-11-10Craig Gentleman5Bulgaria152GreenWhite
2002-11-10Craig Gentleman2Birmingham101BlueWhite
2002-11-10Craig Gentleman4Milan57BlackRed
2002-11-11Craig Gentleman1Nantes142GreenYellowBuy or trade
2002-11-15Craig Gentleman2France53BlueRedBuy or swap
2002-11-15Craig Gentleman1Queens Park24WhiteBlackBuy or Swap
2002-11-17J.M Legrand-Nohain1France164bluewhite
2002-11-17J.M legrand-Nohain1blackpool/holland13orangewhite
2002-11-25claudio angelini2ALLOA -BARNET32blackyellowI need 2 HW spare
2002-11-25claudio angelini2MARSALOXX46redyellowbuy or swap. Many HW mint players avalaible !
2002-11-25claudio angelini6ZAIRE176greenwhitesell or swap
2002-11-29John Colin60variousn/an/aAdvice required:
I have approx 600 players from about 1963 to 1972, loose in a cake tin in my loft, I also have one or two set of 1960's goals, if I was to put these up for sale, could someone advice me on how much these would be worth.
Thank you
2002-12-23fightersclub3hull city6blackyellowBuy: White plastic, mint condition. Tia.
2003-01-07Phil Markham1Hibernian45GreenWhite
2002-09-23Mark1FOGGIA76RedBlackH/W buy or swap
2002-09-23Mark1Plymouth78BlackGreenh/w, buy or swap
2002-09-23Mark1Wolves77OrangeBlackSwap or Buy
2003-01-20Jack Warner2Southport47blueyellow
2003-02-10Dominic1liverpool41redredreglued sell or swap
2003-02-20Jah1Plymouth54GreenWhiteWould like to buy
2003-02-20Jah2Boston Minutemen262WhiteRedBuy
2003-02-20Simon D.1Barnet/East Fife35WhiteYellowBuy or swap!
2003-02-27Tom HattonI have approx 60 - 70 teams with their original boxes from 1969 - 1972 (English clubs, Euro clubs & Int. teams) - looking to sell - all enquiries welcome!
2003-02-27Alistair Stephen2Unknown 1 red 1 bluered bluewhitewinged shorts heavyweights wanted one red one blue will play good price or swap if wanted i have some good boxed oo scale 1970's heavyweights
2003-03-03Sam2206I have lots of HW spares to swap
2003-03-03Sam2206I have lots of HW spares for swap
2003-03-07Andy Murray9Northern Ireland320GreenWhiteI don't need to buy all nine off one person. I am willing to pick them up individually.
2003-03-10sergio monteleone2Hamilton Academicals20redwhiteH/W type in good condition to buy.

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