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Date Name Email Wanted Available Quantity Description Other Comments
2002-12-09Simon Davies1White Cricket stumpJust need a single stump. have plenty of cricket and football spares to swap, or could buy.
2003-01-20Jack1Bowler from late60's early 70's
2003-02-01Dominiccricket pitch, stumps, bails, balls and rulebook needed so i can start learning to play cricket with my cousin contact me if you've got the above
2003-03-09Dominic32 england batters and 1 aussie wicketkeeperwould like to buy
2003-03-10kath kilner1complete bowler for test match cricket setplease let me know prices for the item.Would be willing to sell set as is.Rest of set in good condition.includes spectators,please email for pictures
2003-05-02Luca Livrieri400heavyweight teams available for sell (not togheter)ask me the list an look the photo on www.alltablesoccer.it
2003-09-12jules court1complete cricket set from the 70s which included individual stumps and bails, barriers, screens and score-board,guys in deck chairs and with grass rollers etc etc
2004-12-14Steve2i am looking for cricket bails, if anyone can help


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