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Your Name Candle Type Size of Container or Mold Wax Type(s), Brand & Melt Point Wick Type & Size Overall Rating
DoneenSmall Americana Heart CrockNew Ecowax CB13551-32-18 Zincmore
Doneen9 oz Octagon JarEZ Soy™ / 125mpCD12 Heinz coreless cottonmore
Laurie2 oz votiveAstorlite V36-24-24 Zincmore
Carol8 oz large roly polyAllsoyHTP 104more
Carolstandard 2 ozAllsoyLX 16 and HTP83more
Doneen12 sided "Classic" 6 oz jarEZ Soy™ from BCCD14more
Doneen12 sided "Classic" 6 oz jarIGI 941 from BC44-32-18Zmore
Carol3 1/16" openingALLSOYHTP 1212more
Sandy16 oz Rusty Lid JarJ50HTP1212more
SageStandard TealightBeeswax & Natural Jojoba WaxGerman Series LX size: LX-12more
Lin B.tealightParaffin-Crafty Candles-MP 135tealight--S330 (BC)more
Jane8-oz. jelly jarJ223LX 20more
Barbara10 ozJ223Heinz Coreless German - CD 18more
KendraWV16oz apo. jarmy own blend 135MPLX 14 with HM primedmore
nancy8 oz jelly jarj223 honeywell 20018-28-44more
Kathy9 oz Roly PolyPenreco Gel51 zincmore
Kathy4 oz Roly PolyPenreco Gel44 zincmore
Pam9 oz HexJ-223RDD 40 NST 2more
Allisontea lightNG Soy Waxcoreless medium HTP-73-Heinzmore
Daisydixie cuppre-blended pillar/votive 141LX10more
Laura Coxsnug straight sided votive cupIGI 1284 votive paraffin 130 mmore
follow up to votive-laura36-24-24zmore
Deb8 oz. Jelly JarJ5051-32-18zmore
Susan Bryant6 oz 12 sided classicCB13 SoyECO 6more
Susan Bryant6 oz 12 sided classicCB135 SoyECO 6more
William16 oz. Apothecary JarSoy-125 - 170 deg.RRD-47 NST 2 - 6"more
Penny4 oz Baby Food JarJ223, MP 123CD 6more
Melissa8 oz jellyJ22344zmore
Cynthia Walston16oz apothecary jar"Q" waxRR29more
Kathy Beach8oz square masonSimply SoyRRD-50more
Jana8oz apothecaryIGI-4630 119 degreesHTP-1212more
Julia16oz Apothecary JarEco Soya AdvancedHTP 1212more
Sallykate16oz pint jarj-22352-18-32more
Sallykate16oz pint jarj-22352-18-32more
mary16oz. canning jarparasoy wax51zinkmore
mary16oz. canning jarparasoy wax51zinkmore
Ingrid9 oz Honey pot JarAstrolite J22551-32-18zmore
Laura16 oz Apoth.j223z51more
Jimmy16 oz apothecaryEZ SoyRRD 29more
Karin16 oz mason jarEco-Soy Advanced 125MPmore
Jason Johnson1.75oz 2x1.5" MoldPalm-3RRD-29more
Jenny16 ounce ball jarmore
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