"It's The Time For Cooking...recipes and more".

...and with that we're into Cookery Corner. Here are the recipes we've used since Summer 2002, plus some other dishes that you'll love! Most recent ones are at the top, or you can search for a particular recipe or ingredient. If you don't get a result, try again. They all come from reputable sources, such as "Cafe Puds" and listener submissions.
Please feel free to send us a recipe - we may use it on air, and it might even end up here in the Cookery Corner archive!
Is your tummy rumbling yet? I know mine is...

Recipe Date Used
Chicken Supreme2002-07-02more
Country Roast Chicken2002-07-02more
Crusty Chicken2002-07-02more
Chicken breast in foil2002-07-02more
Chicken pilaff2002-07-02more
Curried chicken liver2002-07-02more
Oriental Onion nuggets2002-07-02more
Oriental Boiled Rice2002-07-02more
Oriental Fried rice2002-07-02more
Oriental chinese prawn crackers2002-07-02more
Oriental stir fried noodles with bean shoots2002-07-02more
Easy herb tomato soup2002-07-02more
Quick minestrone soup2002-07-02more
Easy onion soup2002-07-02more
Bacon and vegetable soup2002-07-02more
Easy crab and sweet corn soup2002-07-02more
Quick lentil and bacon soup2002-07-02more
Quick chicken noodle soup2002-07-02more
Quick chicken and rice soup2002-07-02more
Quick pea and ham soup2002-07-02more
Corn flour glaze (soup / sauce)2002-07-02more
Quick Sauces2002-07-02more
Quick pepper sauce2002-07-02more
Quick cheese Sauce2002-07-02more
Basic Cheese sauce2002-07-02more
Quick Tomato Sauce2002-07-02more
Quick A la King Sauce2002-07-02more
Quick Creole sauce2002-07-02more
Quick Spanish sauce2002-07-02more
Quick mustard sauce2002-07-02more
Bread sauce2002-07-02more
Hot mayonnaise sauce2002-07-02more
Mint sauce2002-07-02more
Easy curry sauce2002-07-02more
Basic curry sauce2002-07-02more
Quick brown sauce2002-07-02more
Basic brown sauce2002-07-02more
Basic sweet and sour sauce #12002-07-02more
Basic sweet and sour 22002-07-02more
Basic chilli sauce2002-07-02more
Quick mushroom sauce2002-07-02more
Mushroom sauce #22002-07-02more
Sweet and sour pork2002-07-02more
Oven pork chops2002-07-02more
Oven barbecued spare-rib (pork)2002-07-02more
Stir-fried pork2002-07-02more
Crispy belly pork2002-07-02more
Toad in the hole (Pork Sausage)2002-07-02more
Fried Steak (beef)2002-07-02more
Steak and kidney pie (beef)2002-07-02more
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