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Javascript Games

Name Description Link
BattleshipPlay Javascript Battleship against your computer.Link
BlackjackPlay this fun Javascript game Blackjack against your computer.Link
ConcentrationPlay this fun Javascript game Concentration against your computer.Link
Decoder RingPlay a spy game with your friends and decode your own messages back to each other.Link
HangmanPlay this great Javascript Game Hangman. The topic is Presidents of The United States!Link
HangmanPlay this Great Javascript Hangman different topics each time you reload!Link
Math GameThis is a simple math game that gives you a random math problem and you try to answer as many as you can in the amount of time given.Link
PokerPlay this fun Javascript game Poker against your computer.Link
Story WriterWrite your own Story by Fill-in each of the empty fields using your own personal data and then click on "Write Story." Link
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