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It Pays To LearnCASH IN ON YOUR BRAIN. Free fun website for all ages where you can earn cash and scholarships and win prizes for taking educational quizzes and challenges. Learn lots of interesting and important things. TEN GENERATION cash bonus referral network!Link
Jokes4UHere you will find 100's of Jokes and Midi songs for your reading pleasure.Link
LotteryPlay the lottery free, from your computer. Win at least $500!Link
PoetryView a one Mans Poetry that will inspire you for life.Link
Support FreedomWe, the employees of Lycos, would like to express our heartfelt sympathies and condolences to those who experienced a tremendous loss on Sept. 11, 2001. As we watch this terrible tragedy unfold, we are making individual and corporate contributions to a few relief funds and encourage you to consider them as well.Link
URL RevealerSpammers now frequently send their website addresses in an encoded form, hoping to hide its true origin and prevent being reported to their web host. This script allows you to convert these URLs into human-readable form so that you may complain to the spammer's web host and get their account shut down. A breath of fresh air for the fight against spam!Link
I.D. IT! PlatesI.D. IT! Plates are the hottest internet and web promotion and advertising product around. These chrome plated custom car signs give you literally millions of website impressions for fractions of a penny per day. Better than license plate holders and classier than bumper stickers I.D. IT! Plates are fast becoming the #1 marketing product for webmasters.Link
Junk FaxTired of getting them junk fax's well click here to report it.Link
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