The Shake Jugs, Not Babies Movie Exchange Program

Please Note: SJNB takes no responsibility for any lending or borrowing of movies. This is simply a resource for the SJNB community to assist in lending and borrowing. Any agreements you make to lend or borrow movies are private. If you break, bend, snap, destroy, melt, erase, tape monkey pornography over, or reverse engineer any movie you borrow, it has nothing at all to do with us. Consider yourselves warned.

Title Owner Format Date Entered
Jurassic Park (Collector's Edition)Dan Misener
Almost FamousDan Misener
Naked SpaceDan Misener
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's NestDan Misener
The MatrixDan Misener
High FidelityDan Misener
Crouching Tiger, Hidden DragonDan Misener
Chicken RunDan Misener
Moulin RougeDan Misener
Fight ClubDan Misener
UnbreakableDan Misener
The MatrixJeff Nephew2002-07-06
SpeedJeff Nephew2002-07-06
ShrekJeff Nephew2002-07-06
Fantasia 2000Jeff Nephew2002-07-06
TitanicJeff Nephew2002-07-06
BraveheartJeff Nephew2002-07-06
Forrest GumpJeff Nephew2002-07-06
American BeautyJeff Nephew2002-07-06
Shakespeare in LoveJeff Nephew2002-07-06
Cast AwayJeff Nephew2002-07-06
SpaceballsJeff Nephew2002-07-06
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate FactoryJeff Nephew2002-07-06
SwordfishJeff Nephew2002-07-06
Men In BlackDan Misener2002-07-06
The Lost World: Jurassic ParkDan Misener2002-07-06
Apollo 13Dan Misener2002-07-06
BraveheartChris Cameron2002-07-06
The StingChris Cameron2002-07-06
X-MenChris Cameron2002-07-06
GladiatorChris Cameron2002-07-06
The PatriotChris Cameron2002-07-06
Moulin RougeLaura Cameron2002-07-06
Harry PotterLaura Cameron2002-07-06
The Emperor's New GrooveChris Cameron2002-07-06
Disney's: Swiss Family RobinsonBradley Cameron2002-07-06
Disney's: FlubberBradley Cameron2002-07-06
Cool RunningsChris Cameron2002-07-06
The Muppet's Christmas CarolChris Cameron2002-07-06
BabeBradley Cameron2002-07-06
The Prince Of EgyptBradley Cameron2002-07-06
Little WomenLaura Cameron2002-07-06
First KnightLaura Cameron2002-07-06
Ever AfterLaura Cameron2002-07-06
The Mask of ZorroBradley Cameron2002-07-06
Star Wars: Episode IBradley Cameron2002-07-06
Simon BirchCraig Cameron2002-07-06
Jurassic ParkChris Cameron2002-07-06
A Walk in the CloudsCraig Cameron2002-07-06
MaverickChris Cameron2002-07-06
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