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Article/Link Name Contributor Description Theme Link Date
CyberwareLauri "Chrysalis" GardnerAn online clothing store based in Sydney, Australia, concentrating mainly on "Cyberpunk" Fashion. For now they have got 4 T-Shirts for sale. They do have an excellent image gallery though.FashionLink2002-08-27
Fashion PoliceLauri "Chrysalis" GardnerAn image archive of clubs in Japan. A must see for any Cyberpunk looking for great images of club life.FashionLink2002-08-27
Fashion NetLauri "Chrysalis" GardnerAn excellent site dealing with all things to do with high fashion.FashionLink2002-08-27
CyberdogLauri "Chrysalis" GardnerA site with a virtual store carrying some great cyberpunk threads.FashionLink2002-08-27
Drac in a BoxLauri "Chrysalis" GardnerDrac in a box is the one stop place for cyberpunk, punk, and goth clothing and accessories.FashionLink2002-08-27
HacksRusBulletWell,HackRus...what else do you need? Gadgets and tricks.Under constructionHacks and GadgetsLink2002-08-28
CyberpinkBulletCyberFashion,links,lifestyle and so on. Under construction, keep checking and submit your stuff.Fashion etc.Link2002-08-28
Slawico.Com: SF, Fantasy, Surreal ArtSurielA big archive of sci-fi and Surreal Art, featuring more than 1100 artists.
Didnīt count them but the site claims it... Go check it out, itīs worth it!
Underdogs.OrgSurielThis is an abandonware site (The biggest I ever found in the net...), but it has many games with a Cyberpunk theme as downloads there and you can choose "Cyberpunk" as a category in their search algorithm... Some of these old games can be real inspiring...MiscellaniousLink2002-08-28
Newblood.netSurielShort episode films about vampires in London. I know what you think now, but THIS IS Cyberpunk. They originally wanted to do a serial about London underground clubs. The Vampires are more like an addition. Not all of them are equally good and the films are short, but itīs fun to watch nonetheless.CultureLink2002-08-28
Rutger Hauerīs official siteSurielAside from pics featuring Rutger Hauer as Roy Batty in Bladerunner and many other Cyberpunk movies, Rutger Hauer has an ongoing writing contest on that site. Filmography, Bio, etc. about this - in my opinion - mostly great actor. Besides there is a humanitarian project going on there,too.MiscellaniousLink2002-08-28 - The Future is DarkNiteWolfA Cumminity to interact with others of the cyberpunk culture and talk about Cyberpunk 20xx And home to the K.I.S.S. systemCulture/RoleplayingLink2002-08-29
Chromechilds Cyberpunk CampaignsSurielOnline Message Board based Cyberpunk Campaigns, currently featuring two cities. Itīs a Raymond Chandler/William Gibson crossover.Roleplay SourcesLink2002-08-30
Cyber Haikus DownloadSurielA collection of - none too serious - Cyber Haikus, taken from a topic at RTF-download.CultureLink2002-09-03
Sprout NetSurielThis is a site developed and maintained by insiders within that most astonishing bureaucratic apparatus called the European Commission. The articles are very critical and there are some pearls for Cyberpunk politics amongst them.GovernmentLink2002-09-03
Optics.Org Article on Invisibility CloakNightFlyerWorthwhile article... The future is close!newsLink2002-09-03
Night City 2030ThumperHome for the Bozo's Adventure & Sourcebook, The Cyber-City Project building a generic City from the ground up, plus free adventures and vehicles.Roleplay SourcesLink2002-09-02
WhiteHouse.OrgSurielPart parody, part sadly real... Hard to distinguish at times.
This site is great fun to read and also some of the articles there can easily be twisted into future politics and plots.
CyborgerSurielEver wondered what youīd be if you were an artificial being? Go there and find out about it...HumorLink2002-10-12
Hero MachineKrebsyGood for creating images for your characters.fashionLink2002-10-12
What kind of Edgerunner are you?Suriel (for Night Flyer)Just that, test your style and attitude...RPGLink2003-03-01
www.goingfaster.comSurielVery cool future site. I especially liked the Terminator2029 stuff, but all the articles were worthwhile reading.ReferenceLink2003-03-13
Electric PoetrySurielCreates poems from content of websites...PoetryLink2003-06-12
www.cryoflesh.comCryoflesh.comCyber-punk clothing and accessories. We are adding new items weekly.Cyber-punkLink2004-02-23
StelarcJohnny MaoStelarc is an internationally reknowned artist who works deep within the realms of cybertechnology. Cynerpunk/FuturetechLink2006-07-25
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