NCOER Bullet Database
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Volunteered to teach Land Navigation to 120 students at the local high school JROTC class
Ensured all of his soldiers successfully completed PLDC and other career enhancing courses
Enrolled every soldier in his platoon in the CLEP Program to earn college credit
Developed company level NCO Professional Development Program praised by the Battalion CSM
Organized, trained and leads an OPFOR team which aggresses SOBC students participating in FTX's
Developed good SUE training program for the Battalion
Coached soldiers to win both Battalion NCO and Soldier of the Quarter Boards
Coached the battalion's M60 machine gun team to an overall top placement in the CG's marksmanship competition
Trained all communication teams to exceed ARTEP standards
Trained battalion and brigade reenlistment NCOs to win 1st Qtr FY91 Reenlistment Award
Coached the BN trainee flag football team to win first place in the brigade tournament
Has trained Ranger Challenge Team to a history making First Place Finish in Brigade Ranger Shoot Out
His training of the section contributed to the company 60mm mortar section being selected as best in the BN
Developed and implemented an intensive hands-on evaluation for MOS certification
Developed and implemented an intensive hands-on evaluation for MOS certification
Developed and implemented an intensive hands-on evaluation for MOS certification
During off-duty time rewrote or created all SOP's for the platoon which earned commendable ratings
Cited by the division SJA as having the best legal training program in the division
Planned and organized an EFMB program in which 26% of the candidates received the badge
Planned, coordinated, and executed 1st NCO run BN Live Fire Howitzer Section Evaluation
Has raised individual training proficiency from less than 50% to over 90%
Platoon recognized by BN Cdr. for excellent training presented to AIT students
Motivated squad to place first in the 6 mile road march during company level squad competition
Led company to current first place standing in Post Commander's Cup intramural sports competition
Planned and conducted a two day AER Run-a-Thon collecting over $------ in donations
Inspired NCOs to excellence continuously; 86 soldiers received the CINC EUSA Distinguished Leadership Award
Won Commanding General's Best Mess Award for second quarter FY 91
Took an inherited unsatisfactory section to a commendable rating at JRTC
Leads by example, led team into Iraq to recover a downed Air Force pilot during Desert Storm
Received the Eastern Sector Best MEPS award
Catalyst during the FY91 Command Inspection, 17 areas were rated as outstanding
Counseled 28 students through rating period, 100% graduated, 5 honored
Squad was selected #1 of nine squads to represent unit in the Infantry Skills Competition
Coordinated and developed a $70K upgrade plan to support a major dining facility renovation project
His dynamic leadership resulted in the brigade overall REUP awards two consecutive years
Reduced delinquency rating for his team from 6.7 percent to .17 percent
Researched, developed and implemented OJT program for 40 personnel
Briefed and demonstrated the M-1 Tank to foreign dignitaries on two separate occasions
Supervised PT program; 291 platoon average
Recognized in writing by the Airborne Association leadership for planning the finest convention in memory
Coached National Guard unit to max First Army training evaluation
Responsible for the first ever combined special forces US-Korea training exercise successfully held in CONUS
Selected to serve as CSM for over 320 soldiers during NTC rotation 93-94
Motivated three soldiers to achieve Soldier of the Quarter
Scored 290 or above on last Physical Fitness Test
Raised the section/platoon PT score by 50%
Selected as Post Athlete of the Year
Distinguished Honor Graduate of Master Fitness Trainer Course
Finished first in class 10K division run
Coach and starting player for 1st place basketball team
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