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SuzanneI have been telling everyone how WONDERFUL you are! I can't thank you enough, you have given me so much comfort. You are AMAZING! Thank you again.
Laurenhi joseph!!!

my name is lauren white and i had received a reading from you in august of this year. i must say that the fact that i was fortunate enough to have met with you that afternoon was a matter of fate. i had been going to new hope to receive readings for 10 years, about every 6 months or so, but had never sought guidance from any of the clairvoyants in your shop (although i had been in your store upon every visit to purchase some goodies). i was passing your shop, having already received my reading down the street, and had been intent on returning home... but something made me turn around and go back. as i walked up to g.h., a woman had been placing a card in the window advertising your services. i walked in, made an appointment with you, sat down for a reading with you an hour later and... my life was forever changed.

i was suppose to receive a tarot card reading but to my astonishment, just because i am never that lucky, the course of the reading changed and you were interupted by my father who had past in april. that afternoon i received a priceless gift, for which you were the barer, and i didn't want to miss this opportunity to thank you. i remember being so overwhelmed at the time that i made the mention of "going home, telling everyone what had conspired and abusing your services by intending to host a party for 600 of my closest friends and family members." well, i did go home and tell everyone, and not one person failed to respond with a "well, how soon can he get up here? is he working tomorrow? how do we arrange a meeting?"

now onto the abuse (hee-hee)... i literally have about 20-25 people who are nothing less than desperate for your counsel. i remember telling you i lived in lyndhurst, nj, which is by giants stadium, and you said that a party would not be a problem although the distance would mean a higher rate of pay. let me tell you something... i think that for the service you provide, everyone would be willing to empty out their bank accounts to receive half the reading i received so, this is your opportunity to abuse us right back, money is no object!!! i realize with the amount of people involved, several different groupings would be necessary, even seperate visits which would not pose a problem for us, i'm just praying it won't for you.

so please, if you would be so kind as to accomodate us, please let me know what kind of arrangements can and should be made. any day of the week is fine by us (work? what work? our priorities are in order and other obligations come second to this!) as well as any time of day. if it's easier also, some people that would like readings live in parlin, nj, which would be much closer (parlin is 50 miles away from you and lyndhurst is 64, whichever you prefer). plus, to attempt to intice you further, these people are italian and they like to cook so come hungry and bring some tupperware so you could take a package home with you.

i really appreciate your time, joseph. thank you for the reading you gave me and i look forward to meeting with you again (i'm trying to be nonchalant but who am i kidding? i'm counting the seconds until you reply to this email!).

much love and respect,

CHERYLJoseph's readings in my home changed many people's lives. It gave many of us a sense of inner peace. The emotions that were felt that extrodinary evening brought all of us a special gift, the experience to be reunited with our loved ones who had "crossed over". THANK YOU JOSEPH, for sharing your gift and talent with us.
Chris LanduaNice Site ! -- On the message board, it is not possible to agree to the terms. On netscape 6 the cursor hand disappears and no selection seems possible.

Daniel..joseph was very very helpful, friendly and professional, infact JOSEPH SPIRIT MAN is the most gifted man that i have talked to in this field, and i do intend to contact him again as soo as i get the time. He made me realise the vision and power of the spirit and i will not want to move on without knowing that i could always turn to him for consultation...
LOVESIGNSI'm in shock, he's so awesome!!! Accurate, kind and very gifted. I will be calling again.
TriciaThe best psychic readings ever!!! He got in touch with my father gone for 12 years..incredible accuracy...
DeniseI just want to thank you again Joseph, for the reading you gave me and my family recently. You are definitely amazing!!! The one person who I really wanted to hear from, who crossed over, was one of the first things you brought up in our reading. He was my cousin who died suddenly at the age of 35, only 2 weeks before our reading. I grew up with him but hadnt seen him since 12/2003. You gave me the feeling that I was able to say good bye to him!! Again, thank you!!! I can't wait to see you again.
PatDear Joseph,

My first reading with you was 3+ years ago when I had many problems with my beautiful daughter who was going through a lot in her life. You had told me then, that she was keeping a secret, we recently listened to the tape from that day, for the first time .... She told me "Mom I was keeping a secret," she told me her secret and confimed that now she is realluy is OK. I am grateful that she is OK just as you told me she would be.

Then, I had my second reading with you on 2/19/06 at a home reading, and again your'e accuracy blew me away. I feel at peace now and have closure around my mother's passing. Thank You. Pat
Mary Ann WentzellI heard about you from a friend that saw you recently. I am presently working on getting some people together. I would very much like to see you.
JUDYThanks Joseph for a great reading. You were so on the money with everything you said. I was skeptical at first but now I am a believer. I am still amazed as to how a complete stranger could know so much about me and my family. It still gives me chills. I'm encouraging all my friends to get readings. You have helped put my mind at ease and that means so much to me. Thanks again!
Thank you for putting my emotions at rest and providing me with the answers I was searching for. As I sat in your living room waiting, I had 1,000 thoughts running through my head of doubt and concern, yet within moments of starting our session, you put my worries at ease. What you have is a true gift, and it is so generous of you to share with others.
Mary Ann WentzellWow! You have validated everything that I knew to be true from my son's passing and the fact that he is indeed speaking to me. It is nice to know that I am not crazy and that he is with me. You told me so many things that no one knew. You are truly a very gifted man and I will pray God is good to you for all the good you have done. I hope to see you again perhaps in six months. All seven of us were amazed!!
erini never met you but someone or something keeps me think about what you do .I was out to lunch with a friend of mine we both are going through some hard times. And are waitier happen to give us a little booklet about you his name was bob and he said you and him were invailed. I just want you to know i do belive in the things you talk about because since that day i'v been getting little signs about things that have happen to me in the past and that are about to happen to me. if you read this and it makes any since to you please right back. and tell bob thank for the booklet i carry it with me all the time
VickiHi Joseph,

My sister and I were awstruck by your accuracy at the gallery on August 26th. It meant so much to get accurate facts and dates and communication! I have received readings from several Mediums, even one that is world famous and you were more accurate and full of information than any! Your gift is truly a blessing. Thank you so much.
RachelJoseph, thanks for the incredible "journey" yesterday. Although I am a very open-minded person, I was still a bit skeptical about having this reading done. Once you began however, all skepticism disappeared. You confirmed to me that my "angels" were indeed with me and the details of when they were with me were astonishing. You made mention of something that didn't make any sense to me during the reading but you told me to go ask my father as he would know and sure enough he did! Thanks so much - you have brought me much peace and solace and confirmation that my loved ones are truly happy and indeed watching over me. I can't wait to do it again.
RachelJoseph, thanks for the incredible "journey" yesterday. Although I am a very open-minded person, I was still a bit skeptical about having this reading done. Once you began however, all skepticism disappeared. You confirmed to me that my "angels" were indeed with me and the details of when they were with me were astonishing. You made mention of something that didn't make any sense to me during the reading but you told me to go ask my father as he would know and sure enough he did! Thanks so much - you have brought me much peace and solace and confirmation that my loved ones are truly happy and indeed watching over me. I can't wait to do it again.
brian mcandrewMy friend marisa has told me wonderful things about you. God Bless you! may you trudge the road to happy destiny!
EileenThank you for making me feel like I can go on. After the death of my son six monthes ago It has been harder and harder to go on. After your reading and you telling me that my son is an angel and has an important job, I can actually feel like I may be able to enjoy lide again.
thank you
LisaWow, I am still in amazement. I wanted to see if this spirit stuff was really true.I didnt care if anyone came through for me. I was with a group of people that I mostly knew. So I figured I'd know if what you were saying was true. "Oh my God" You are awesome and I am now truly a believer. My Aunt was with me and she kept saying before we got there " Thats alot of money for me to spend around the holidays. He is no one I ever heard of . I'll be mad if I dont hear anything."(She is a true Slyva Brown fan-but never got a reading done by her or anyone) Well, you give her info. from her deceased husband that she longed to hear since his passing. Wow we were both crying. And along with everyone elses reading that was amazing,including info about a couple murders.Scary but great. So now you have two very strong believers. I went home and called so many people. I will be seeing you again very soon. Thanks a million.
P.s I also got to get in touch with a loved you that day.
staceyI attended one of your home gatherings last week and I cannot stop thinking about it. I was lucky enough to get into this gathering because someone else had to cancel. I believed before but now I am truly convinced. this has really changed my whole outlook on life. there are no words to describe the feeling you get when a loved one comes through to you and the accuracy was unbelievable. God bless you.
PamI was at your last event,12-08-06. I was the very last person that had a question for you. I was testing you and I do say you proved to be right. For years I've received many "readings" and have been allowed to always pass along "did you know your pregnant" news to many woman. Almost all were surprised. I've seen and heard things even had a "scene" play out like a movie of a tragic accident that my husband had just witnessed only hours before in my mind. I've been referred to as a "witch" and many other interesting names. What you said that night has given me a boost in my true knowledge of the spirit world. I feel a connetion to you and your work and would highly recommend you to anyone. Kudos. I am aiming to attend as many of your events as possible. Thank you.
MelissaThanks Joe for a wonderful reading. You are truely amazing. I didn't want to leave, I just wanted you to keep talking. Thank you again!
PamI have been to two of your home gathering readings...The first time I went to my neighbors..I was very skeptical..When I saw peoples faces drop and turn white when you delivered messages to them from passed loved ones standing right "Next" to them..I felt paralyzed..You delivered messages from my Godfather I was to give to my Godmother...messages from my grandmother to me about how I care for her Christmas tree and how she watches me set it up every year with such care..and how much she appreciates it..etc..etc..You are a true blessing..a real connection from above..You bring such hope and peace to grieving people..God Bless you.
steveWent to a reading after hearing great reviews. Unfortunately I was very upset, after paying tons of money all I got was a completely inaccurate reading. I was open to it also so you can not say that. Joseph was not able to tell me one thing that was true and he said things that made no sense and danced around the issue. I listened and analyzed the tapes and he said most of the same things to me that he said to friends and neighbors which is upsetting after blowing that kind of money. Thanks for ripping people off.
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