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Nickname Country Real Name Age Date of Birth Sex Email Address Homepage URL Occupation Hobbies/Interests MSN Messenger AIM Address Yahoo Messenger ICQ Number
musclesUnited StatesAndy481956-04-01MHomepage URLIn TherapyJazz, Computers, Jazz, Books, Motorsport, Jazz, All kinds of music, Art, errrr.....did I say Jazz?Hate itHate itLoathe itGot one!
CagedAnimal(F)CanadaSusan341969-12-13FHomepage URLCustomer service clerk/cashierReading,swimming,figure skating(badly),weight-lifting (in Hans and Frans voice),dancing.----
anna banana cabanaUnited StatesBecca2000-01-02FHomepage URLformer family law attorneywriting, researching trivia questions, swimming, shopping!----
mælstromTurkmenistandavid362000-05-10YHomepage URLlandscape architecturebeer and umm.... beerbill gates is the anti-crist---
\_/barmanUnited StatesJim351969-02-07MHomepage URLPublic SafetyMusic, baseball, wrestling, watersports, camping, and spirituality.None-Yes-
RatboyAustraliaRick481955-12-25MHomepage URLTrain Guard on Sydney trains.Pet Rats, motorcycle riding, music, food, travel, beaches, Nudity & stealing those real expensive little tins of red salmon from the supermarket!Give back my Windows, Bill.---
DexterUnited StatesDweedlefuss381966-05-11MHomepage URLX- ruler of the realm of DweedMessing with puters, hunting,fishing and pretty much anything that annoys my wife.Oh! and losing to Anna at scrabble.---13 oh I thought it said I.Q
mr fishermanAfghanistancrackerfield2000-05-11MHomepage URLhmmm lets seeheheheheheeheno i wont sayno i mean itn o no!!neverrrr
RosieUnited StatesDenise391965-08-18FHomepage URLcorporate lit paralegalreading, walking, music, trivia games, internet, cooking, moviesnopejaykayteemomkinksfan2003-
platinum blueUnited Statesjim meehan511953-02-11MHomepage
SparksUnited States-1979-08-01FHomepage URLBiology Degree (not using it)Like to fish, camp, boat, go to sprint car races, go to baseball and basketball games, and spending time with my 10 (soon to be 11) neices and nephews. Also like to watch Food Network and Home and Garden TV.----
ogreUnited Arab EmiratesJames332004-05-26mHomepage URLogregenerally being an ogre...clubbing things...pilaging...oh, and being a writer...----
KeithUnited StatesKeith382004-05-28MHomepage URLTrucking businessBaseball, Star Trek (The force is illogical), trivia, word games and I'm currently learning the pool cleaning business.----
Al.United StatesAl (without the dot)522000-11-30MHomepage URLDepartment of Defense, R&DPhotography ... But, it all seems so commonplace ever since I kicked anna's keester in Jeopardy!!----
blankfileArgentinaDiego212000-09-08mHomepage URLstudent, and a very cool workdo alots of sports, have a lot of fun, and more fun. Ask for females in chat lolask me---------
LolabuUnited StatesBrenda2000-01-11FHomepage URLzzzzAccountantzzzzTraveling, volleyball, playing games with friends and family, eating vanilla ice-cream with peanut butter and chocolate, may be a workaholic----
UncleUnited StatesJohn Brown471956-12-11MHomepage URLBBQLittle League Coach
Outdoors activities
digzUnited Statesjoe451958-12-19MHomepage URLexcavating/trucking stufffly fishing when i can,
camping, wood working, goofin' off, old tractors and such.
yes i donope i don'tyes i dolost it in the crash 2002
sakuraCanadamarianne371966-08-30FHomepage URLLiquor Sales to the unwashedtravel,reading,humor/comedy (someone HAS to laugh at my jokes ONE of these days) scuba,stained glass, interesting people with
VCanadaChris151988-09-30MHomepage URLStudentNopeNopeNopeNopeNope
vampyUnited StatesKimberly181986-03-21FHomepage URLvet assistanteverythingnever!no way!i dont think so!-
antykatUnited StatesKathy Hill461958-05-06FHomepage URLstudentreading,music,friend,computer,writing--antykat-
~olivia~United StatesMaggie411963-01-02FHomepage URL------
OLBASGINKGOBILOBAUnited KingdomDuncan Di Biscuit2004-07-29MHomepage URLstudentArchaeology, History, Anthropology, Ghosts.
TrunksUnited StatesColby181986-01-25MHomepage URL-computer,basketball,video games,think tank XP-sonicdemon11--
JAYUnited StatesJunior261978-03-15MHomepage URLHead of Financial MarketingWomen, Kool-Aid, Work, Music, All my cool friendsjuniorpaleraz@hotmail.comScrew AOLEh, screw Yahoo tooForget about ICQ too
mara*United StatesI forgot992004-08-03FHomepage URLteacher and geriatric showgurlbreathing----
alexPerualexander erick gamio guanira291975-02-14MHomepage URLsalesmancar tunning,all sports
Jim CricketUnited StatesJamie431960-09-10FHomepage URLhousehold CEOgardening ,gardening and music----
SammiUnited StatesMary621942-06-30FHomepage URLRetired ProfessorComputer, fabric painting, trivia, cooking----
jennaUnited Statesjenna491955-07-04FHomepage URLto never slow downI thrive on creativity-buying and refinishing antiques, my flower gardens, home decorating, HGTV, studying for my degree, writingnot a chance-nope-
KnucklesUnited StatesElliot162010-04-19MHomepage URLKungfu InstructorKungfu, Martial arts, Foreign films, Japan, Writing, Film-Junpei Teh Ninj4--
underachieverUnited StatesRyan201984-01-12MHomepage URLstudentBaseball(coaching & playing), Fly fishing, golf, baseball, writing, music, baseball-brodel29--
JerryNJTokelauJerry1960-09-02MHomepage URLYes.Consider Myself Fortunate-----
gary(bmore)United StatesGary Harris391965-05-23MHomepage URL-mountain biking,sailing,photography,
Major TomCanada-1973-01-11MHomepage URLslave dronedrawing,reading,playing drums--simon_le_bon36-
Human WizardUnited StatesWilliam271976-10-01MHomepage URLstudentthe quiZ----
LindaUnited StatesLinda321972-04-23FHomepage URL-Reading, playing pool, watching movies, listening to music, spendidng time with my daughter, watching sports-Tiggervamp1972--
BlondieUnited StatesBecky451959-01-13-Homepage URLEmbroidery techHavin FUN, drinkin, computer, spending time with my son -Notabdgr--
LynnCanadaLynn461957-10-26FHomepage URLSelf-EmployedAvid cyclists...water aerobics...gardening...kite
mOOnUnited KingdomJean2004-09-23FHomepage URLpainter/decoratorAthletics,Rugby,Music.----
7thUnited KingdomPenelope Pitstop371967-02-10FHomepage URLMinister for MisinformationLife skills coaching, fishing, reading, playing saxaphone, jazz especially Trane and Getz, Esoterica,
Uninstalled itwhats that?ah divent think sohad one once
GrizzCanadaRon451959-03-25MHomepage URLcourier de boischat
Beer anaylisis
couch potatoeing
Rex HavokTongaYeah, right2000-01-01MHomepage URLSoldier of Fortune/HaberdasherI'm the kind of guy who spends his free time helping the underpriveleged...mainly helping them into a small room with a sophisticated bank of telephones where they talk to strangers for $4.95 a minute and get to keep a whopping 17% of expenses, not including my chair rental fees.----
maseUnited StatesJoe351969-11-11MHomepage URL------
SueHungarySue331971-03-25FHomepage URL------
scooterUnited KingdomDamien291975-06-05MHomepage URLdumper driver/psychologist/running,football,ice skating,
computers,psychology,weight lifting and circuit training.
BBUnited StatesDale Blanshan551949-12-26MHomepage URLMinister-----
™EllyCanadaDorothy Eloise561948-12-03fHomepage URLmarketing/designtravel, tennis, skiing, music, good restaurants. socialising. reading, ----
JamesvinylUnited StatesJamie171987-12-15FHomepage URL-Music and movies and more music ----
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