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Size & type of container or candle Other size / type Brand & type of wax: Other wax How many wicks Wick size & type Other wick
4630AZinc coremore
16 oz glass jarswLx21 GermanLX21more
even parts astor q and eco 135wedo rrd series 37more
EZ Soyw1400more
also 26oz. ApothecaryEZ Soyw1400more
8 oz. short wide-mouth jelly jarunknown, bought at Hobby Lobbymore
Superior WI-655more
Superior 615more
some scents CD 4more
C3 + paraffin 3:1RRD 50more
9 oz Hex JarRDD 40 NST 2more
CBL 130RD 50more
prewaxed 9'' bleachedmore
Pre-tabbed, waxed wick.more
4oz roundPERFORMA 85 & 95more
16oz . roundish shape bail topPaper Core 60-44-18more
EZ SoyPaper core - 62-52-18more
9 oz Honey Pot ^& 15oz Honey PotGolden Blend Soy Bean WayNot sure what to usemore
Quart Mason JarDussek 6971nonemore
6.5 oz. hexIGI 4630nonemore
glass 2.25" diameter 8" tallnon-zincmore
9 Oz. HexLX18more
18 oz ApothecaryEZSOYHTP1312more
4627htp 83more
9oz hexHTPmore
Hemp 807more
Hemp 807more
3 3/4" ContainerHemp #1400more
16 oz. jelly jarHeinz CD Coreless German Wickmore
16 oz. jelly jarHeinz CD Coreless Germanmore
All natural soy crystal container blendECO-6more
ECO-12 Coreless Tabbed Wickmore
ezsoyeco 8more
cargill c-3eco 8more
EcoySoya CB 135ECO 8more
igi 4627 comfort blendeco 14more
8 oz jelly jardo i want zinc core or cotton?more
8 oz jelly jardo i want zinc core or cotton?more
Golden Brands 444 Soy w/Soy Based AdditivesCSN 5 & 7 (candlescience.com) Manufactured by Wedomore

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