HTML Tips & Tricks Cheat Sheet

HTML Tag Description Example
<A HREF="">Contact me</A>provides a clickable link to allow people to send you emailSupport
<A HREF="URL">Link</A>provides a hyperlink to a website
<B>Bold text</B>Emphasize textBold text
<BR>The BR tag will place a break between images, text, etc.Line 1
Line 2
<CENTER>center something</CENTER>center tags allow you to center text or images on your page.
<FONT COLOR="insert color code">text to be changed</FONT>Sets font color, using color name or hex value. Purple
<FONT FACE="enter font here">text to change</FONT>Change font to something other than the default fontImpact font
<FONT SIZE="?">text to be changed</FONT>Sets size of font, from 1 to 7. 1 is the smallest, 7 is the largestfont size=2
<HR>Insert horizontal rule
<I>Text to be italicized</I>Creates italic textItalicized text
<IMG SRC="URL of the image location">display an image hosted on the web (note - most free webservers do not allow the external viewing of images)
<TABLE><TR><TD>Table</TD></TR></TABLE>A simple one cell Table

HTML Tips & Tricks

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