Date January 20, 2004
Time 1:30pm
Event Roberta "Bobbie" L .Winn, Louisiana
Started getting symptoms in Oct. 1999... within 2 weeks
she lost all bodily functions and had to be placed in long
term care facility... she had the type of CJD that makes a
person linger for a long time. Her body finally gave up
Jan 20, 2004. She suffered a long time and the family had
to watch helplessly... Spinal tap was positive for 14-3-3,
tested by Dr. Gibbs. After she passed away her husband
couldn't bare the thought of putting her through an
autopsy since she suffered so long... Many people doubted
she had CJD since she stayed alive for so long but with
spinal test and 3 doctors diagnosis that was enough for us.
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