Date April 2, 2004
Time 1:35 am
Event Mike Zaccaro, 54, CA
In Sept. 2003 Michael's walk differed from his usual gait.
His memory gradually declined. By Thanksgiving he was
having problems at work and driving. In early December he
saw his primary doctor, who referred him to a neurologist.
On 12/6/03 MRI = normal; 12/9/03 EEG = normal; 12/16/03
P.E.T. Scan = normal; 12/31/03 Spinal Tap = normal; 1/14/04
Consult w/neuropsychologist = N/A; 1/16/04 2nd EEG =
abnormal, cerebral dysfunction; 1/16/04 2nd Spinal Tap =
normal; 1/26/04 Angeography = normal; 1/27/04 EMG = normal;
1/28/04 SPECT Scan = normal; 2/4/04 2nd MRI = normal;
2/5/04 3rd EEG = Abnormal Michael never questioned his
illness and when asked how he was doing, he would
answer "I'm feeling better." This disease sneaks up and
sucker punches it's victims. We desparately need better
communication for ALL who deal with this disease.
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