Date October 26, 1988
Time 10:00 pm
Event Grace ann (CJD) Beloved Wife and Mother of 8.....
My Mother feared of dieing of CJD cause her father dead of
it when she was 16 and then her sister Margaret in 1986 at
the time U of M was very intereated so Margaret was there
and then my mother went, they did many test on her for
weeks then the were done and said she's got to go to a
home, We looked and looked draged are feet not wanting to
put her in a home, but the time came she was to be moved
the next day to flat rock nursing home, We left her that
night at about 8:00 or so feeling so bad that We were
sending her to a home.. Well she knew it was coming cause
she died a few hours after We left her, that was a relief
off us, she was in gods hands now ...
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