Date July 25, 2004
Time 4:10 AM
Event J D Southern Calif Age 48
Jim the love of my life and my two daughters and many
others.On March 7 2003 basically went to work at the shop
next door to his didn't even realize he was not at his own
shop. I barely suspected anything was even really wrong
with him even the day before. By the end of the month he
couldnt even walk across the street without getting
lost. April 15 he could swim but acted like a kid ,April
could not sign his name. June 14 and 15 our aniversary and
my birthday he said we were going to have kisses and cake
this was the most memorable present I ever recieved.July
15 he became very resistant and was a danger to himself
and his family we hired a caretaker.Oct 12 he stopped
walking with assistance talking and smilling.He became
less and less responsive and more rigid until his death on
July 25 2004.
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