Date December 3, 2004
Event Linda Lafour, Pleasant Ridge, MI
A phone call to my mother, in July 2003, served as a wak
up call that something was wrong. My 14 year old daughter
wanted to visit her and we asked if she could spend some
time with her. My mother said no, then yes, then no, said
sorry about not being able to take, etc. She sounded very
indecisive and strange... that same afternoon she called
and asked about her bank account but could not give me the
proper info I needed. She was not able to give me her
account number, but gave me her license number and social
security. That marked the pivotal moment when we knew
something was strangely wrong with her. So began my
journey of taking care of my mom.

With a full time job, at the time, I had to take time off
which I did during Labor Day weekend (Sept 03) I had not
seen my mother in a year. I lived in Michigan with her all
my life, but in September 2002, I got married and moved to
South Carolina. When I pulled in to see her for the first
time in a year, she showed no signs of re
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