Date April 11, 1999
Time 4:40pm
Event Vada Ruth Bales died of CJD - 67 yrs. Homestead,FL
My mother was a victim of CJD. She was 67 years old. Her
symptoms were noticed on 2/29/99 and in about 2-3 weeks she
was hospitalized and declined very rapidly. At 6 weeks she
passed away.
She was an avid gardener, using cow manure, blood meal for
fertilizing, etc. She also lived in England for a few
years from 1958-1963 due to my dad being stationed there in
the Air Force. She also took some type of vitamin that had
an ingredient from cows, but not sure what it was. Guess
we'll never know how she contracted the disease. Our
prayers are with everyone that has gone through this or
will go through this terrible tragedy.
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