Date May 3, 2005
Time 5:40 pm
Event my father, and best friend.
Dad was a very healthy 72 yr.old hard working man.He was a
plumber and worked very hard up to the day before his
operation..On April 8th 2004 he had spine surgery due to
presure on a nerve. The surgery went well. He was walking
fine for a few months and had no more back pain. Then the
symthoms started coming very quickly. He had confusion,
memory loss,and began getting lost driving. Then he started
talking about things that did not make any sense. He would
see things that no one else saw.He would call everyone by
different names. He went from a cane to a wheel chair very
fast. Its a long story but he had fevers and we would take
him to the hospital and every test came back negitive.
always, Even a spinal tap.Mom and I took him to all his Dr.
appointments and it was geting harder and harder for us. We
would have to lift him and get him into the car.At this
point he was dead weight.He was falling alot at home and it
was so hard to get him up. He would look at the sky light
and s
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