Date May 8, 2005
Time 3:03 p.m.
Event Marya nn Leonhard Plummer Meuret
my mother was the best,she was told she had breast cancer
in January 2005. She was not going to tell us eight kids.
She drove her slef to raidation treaments. She would still
babysit, for the grand kids.Drive us a round who ever need
a ride, go shopping clean house cook and what ever else
needed to be done.(she was-is one in a milloin and will be
miss every day)She took care of her mother when see got
sick and made sure she never was sent to a home. I always
promised her I would never send her to a home-well I let
her down we put her in a rehab center-after the suggestion
came from the doctor well after a week we took her home I
care for her until(she could not swallow food.(she was
tested for every thing there was at OHSU hosital which we
were told was the best. On May 3rd which was my 49th
birthday the doctors finally said she had CJD and that she
had 5-7 days tolive 10 at the most. So she was moved to
Benedictins Sisters were she passed away on Mother's
Day...Now we want a
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