Date September 21, 2005
Event Lost our dad to CJD
On August 14,2005 we lost our father to CJD. He only
started to show symptoms when he was brought to the
emergency room July 13th because he was having difficulty
walking, starting to loose his balance and having twitching
in his arm. We thought was having a slight stoke. We never
thought that he was going to pass away. He was only
diagnosed a couple weeks before he passed. It was fast and
progressive. He actually was in a coma-state when he
passed. We were all with him when he took his last breath,
he waited until his youngest daughter came into the room
and told him it was okay to go. I had my hand placed on my
dad's chest and once he had heard his daughter was there he
took his last breath. We miss him deeply, this is going to
be a tuff one to get over. He was a real fighter, he came
through open-heart surgery and a slight stoke a few years
back within a few months. We all thought he'd be with us
Rest in peace dad, we all love you and miss you. Your
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