Date November 9, 2005
Time 8:55 a.m.
Event Russell Newcomer Passed Away from CJD
On November 9, 2005 My Step Father passed away from CJD.
We had never heard of such a disease before. He went down
hill so fast and therefore his life was cut way to short.
He was in the prime of his life. He and my Mom were
planning to make a big move to Wallace, N.C. to retire.
Russ enjoyed so much. He love music, playing cards, being
with my Mom, spending time with the family, sharing his
knowledge with others, He really loved my Mom alot. He is
someone who will never be replaced. He was a one of a kind
man.Russ loved life it self. He was unselfish. We will all
miss him, but he will remain in our hearts for years to
come. Jamie
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