Date July 12, 2006
Time 6 PM
Event Sister Barbara died on 5/10/06 in NYS
Had difficulty speaking and was admitted to the ER on
3/7/06. She was diagnosed and treated for a stroke, which
wasn't apparent in any of the tests they did on her. She
was sent home and then readmitted after falling. Her blood
pressure readings kept changing. She lost a lot of weight
and developed a constant dry cough. Each day there was a
change. She couldn't remember taking her meds just a few
minutes before and was unable to test her blood sugar by
herself. I awoke to her crawling on the floor. She
stumbled into walls and fell down. We got her a walker
which worked for a a little while before she was unable to
use it anymore. Years before she was tired and depressed.
She suffered from diabetes, hypertension, heart and G/I
problems. Barbara died on 5/10/06. She was 63 years old.
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