Date June 16, 1979
Time early AM
Event Mom died on 6/17/79 in NYS
First sign was getting lost on the way home from the
supemarket. She lost a lot of weight and had seizures.
She was admitted to a psychiatric hospital on 4/17/79 and
grew increasingly paranoid and hallucinated. One day she
choked on her food and the next she was in a quarantined
room and unable to speak. We were told to wear gowns &
masks, and the hospital supposedly incinerated her old
clothing. Mom died only 2 months after being admitted to
the hospital. She was 57 years old. Her sister died a few
years before that from CJD at the age of 45. Her daughter
would die in 2006 at the age of 63. Her mother died at the
age of 45, cause unknown.
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