Date October 31, 1996
Time 03:05 A.M.
Event Emery E. Thomas, 78, Dead from CJD in Florida
Emery E. Thomas, 78 years old died at home from this
horrible disease. He was healthy until six months before
he started with the symptoms of CJD. He was diagnosed by
Michael Gold,M.D. University of South Florida, Tampa, FL.
He was raised in MO. & lived in OR. and hunted and ate
wild game. He was a WW2 vet that served in Europe
(England,France,Belgium,Germany) He had AAA surgery in
1987 with many blood transfusions. His Autopsy was done
at University of Florida, Gainsville, FL. by Amyn M.
Rojiani, with slides sent to Dr. Pieriuigi Gambetti,Case
Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH. Both confirmed
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