Date October 28, 2006
Time 10:38 am
Event Our Dad went home to heaven!
Dad had a 6 month struggle with classic CJD. He was finally
diagnosed at the Mayo clinic in July. We were honored to
be able to care of him at home until his last breath. It
was difficult at times to watch him deteriorate from a
strong 65 year old man (he's been the primary caretaker for
my mom who has had M.S. for the pst 45 years...wheelchair
bound for 25 years) to a man who required round the clock
care, but my sisters and I would do it again if we had to.
We owe him so much...he was a pstor for 43 years and was a
great one at that. But more than that, he was the best
father, loving husband and unbeleivable grandfather of 11
children. At his funeral we sat in amazement realizing how
many lives he had touched. He loved his family, his church
and most of all His God. I am certain he is in heaven. Of
course, as all of you, we do wonder "why?" this had to
happen to such a wonderful man; but as he said in one of
his sermons: "Don't ask 'why'; ask 'what'! What do I need
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