Date August 24, 2003
Time 4:50
Event Marilyn Bowerman - age 51 CJD
I was 25 years old when my mom died. It's funny how you
never think that you'll have to take care of them someday
and be brave and show no emotion like everything is going
to be o.k. We took her to Chicago in July where they
diagnosed her and by August her fight was over. This
disease is one that changes your life forever and my mom
will never see a grandchild or know what life holds in
store for her children. To take care of someone from dawn
to dusk. And pray to God above that this would be the
last day she would have to suffer, but that wasn't in my
hands. It's still hard everyday. Sometimes when I laugh
I hear her in my voice and see her in my smile and that is
the greatest gift of all. Memories are the best things
and hope that they are never taken away from me.
Miss you mom
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