Date December 23, 2007
Time 5:41pm
Event MIL's funeral
It was yesterday. So sad! Right before the holidays. She
never knew she had this disease until right after
Thanksgiving! We chalked it up to her being dramatic. She
had a history of that. But then she was hospitalized the
Thursday before Thanksgiving. We began to wonder what was
up. Then...Thanksgiving night, she was transferred to an
allegedly good teaching hospital in the city. They were
horrible! Inept and lazy. Didn't want to do more than
they had to. So after 2 weeks we FINALLY got her
transferred to the BEST rated neurological hospital in the
city, also a teaching hospital. They're ranked in the top
15! She passed there after about a week & a half.
The wake Friday night was hard. The funeral was harder!
She left a HUGE hole in our lives. My OWN mother has end
stage cancer, and I don't know how much time I have with
her. But I will make every day count!
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