Date July 10, 2000
Time 12:20am
Event Otto Berns died from chronic wasting disease CJD
Beloved husband, father, and grandfather died
from eating contaminated deer meat. The
government won't admit to it but they told my
family including my mother not to donate blood.
So if that's not a conspiracy I don't know what
is. We've never been out of the country and my
mother is not related to my father except by
marriage, but we all ate the deer meat that was
supose to be tested, but later we found out that
the tests gave false negatives on deer younger
than 2 years old, which our deer were. That was
after my Dad died we found that out. I now know
you can't trust the government they get to much
money from hunters. They wouldn't dare say it was
the cause of my fathers death but they know we
know the truth. I diagnosed my father the doctors
had no idea what was wrong with him. I told them
from his very first symptom that he ate deer meat
that he might have chronic wasting disease or CJD
and they kept saying no then finally they tested
him and I was right. I hated to
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