Date November 10, 2015
Time 3:03 p.m.
Event Mary Ann Leonhard Plummer Meuret
Happy Birthday MOM!!! Well it's been 10 years now
and I miss you ALOT!!! Lots have happend since you
left us-but I'm sure you know that!! I know you
are watching over all of us!!! Lots of babies have
been born-and lots of weddings.Some good and bad
things also. But most of all we are all trying to
make each other to be good for you!!(but it's been
hard for some of us-and some of us could try a
little harder!!!) Mom you are the best!!---and I'm
trying to watch over everyone like I promised you-
-but i'm getting wore out!!! But I will keep
trying for YOU. For all you out there that read
this!(If you are a family member please try to be
good for MOM!!) I miss you so much-but I'm a
fighter and I will beat my CANCER because I'm a
fighter!!(and I know you are there with me all the
way-but some days are real hard--but I will beat
this!!) So the next ten years will be better--
"REST IN PEACE MOM!!!" We will try harder--LOVE
YOU ALWAYS!!!! So all of you out there remember
MOM did her best-so now we have to do better!!!!
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