Kingston Bunkley
Sun Aug 25, 2019 18:10

Kingston Bunkley = DCB
Breedlove = ?

    • yeah, i'd like to understand warmonger, Sat Sep 7 01:54
      what's going on here more clearly
    • Re: Kingston Bunkley Anonymous, Thu Aug 29 20:19
      LOL it is odd to see a lucid message on this board. Yes! Please do confirm. For what it's worth the ip address for these posts is always Queens, NY . . .
      • Re: Kingston Bunkley Redjeans, Sun Sep 1 11:28
        I spoke to Breedlove this morning. He confirmed that KB was solely his alias. I can't get into all the details since it wouldn't be appropriate on a public forum. Regardless, I plan to e-mail the... more
        • Re: Kingston Bunkley Redjeans, Mon Nov 18 23:02
          To be clear, when I said KB was solely his alias I didn't mean that some of those songs weren't collaborations.
        • Re: Kingston Bunkley tiny montgomery, Thu Sep 5 00:37
          Thanks for doing that. It'd be a shame.
    • Breedlove Redjeans, Tue Aug 27 00:29
      I figured out who Breedlove is--Kingston Bunkley likely was a collaboration between DCB and this other writer. I still need to confirm this.
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