Mon Nov 18, 2019 15:09

Hey Everyone,

The change in the look of the page was due to backend issue that happened by total accident. We had to reconstruct the board from SQL Data dump back in late August.

Life goes on and we will make due. Enjoy the board. It's for you.


    • Re: Sorry! Redjeans, Mon Nov 18 16:10
      Hey iiiijjjj apologies for deleting your last message. Please re-post your song titles. Also, repertoryfilms...welcome to the brotherhood. Please re-post the UV links from a couple days ago.... more
      • : ^ 0 repertoryfilms, Mon Nov 18 16:57
        nooo prob redjeans i post in a sec sry the board disappeared !!! ty for fixin it. i've been dippin in for 10 years but never posted, i'm glad yr all still here
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