SIlver Juice?
Re: smokin'
Mon Dec 30, 2019 11:41

Missouri Meerschaum sells a grab bag of 7 cob pipes that for whatever reason didn't make it into the full sale line. They have some visual defect - a scratch or something - but nothing affecting the utility as a pipe. Plus it's an assortment of styles you might not try otherwise.

I've purchased a few times and r8 8/8.

  • smokin' Church of the Totally Bizarre, Sun Dec 29 09:31
    So far I have to say in all honesty that corn cobs consistently score the highest for their general utility. They work well with any tobacco and though I'm not a fan of their looks it hardly matters... more
    • Re: smokin' SIlver Juice?, Mon Dec 30 11:41
      • Thanks brother for that tip The Church of the Totally Bizarre, Tue Dec 31 07:50
        They really are consistently good and often better than high end briars.
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