Oral History
Fri Jan 10, 2020 21:29

"I suppose a new look is appropriate for the management change... curious to see how it develops, hopefully in a lively way. It used to be really stimulating, and vibrant, with a variety of characters. I would often post late night / early morning, sort of alcohol + weed -fueled unhingedness and fragmented abstraction. It was sort of liberating, and definitely a thrilling experience. Somebody named "Ruth Nesius" stood out to me as somebody who posted really compelling, sort of 'out of left field' cryptic, spare, poetic things. You could really get loose with your sense of identity. There was a lot of comedy, and nonsensical bullshit. It was lively."


"Yeah, Ted used to post as "Billy12", from the perspective of a twelve year-old kid. It was Fall of 2002, and I'd posted several albums which I was into at the time, and Ted sent me his album because he figured that I'd be into it, based on the albums I posted. Those were the Neil Michael Hagerty s/t on drag city, Gary Wilson's YTYRKM, US Maple Talker, and one other I can't recall. We chatted on AIM a lot, and he visited several times. Pretty funny crew of kids, they had a funny website back then, lotta twisted humor."

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