B O R E D O M - Issue1 05.14.2020
Thu May 14, 2020 18:53


I am a casualty of the information revolution.

I have been crushed by so-called efficiencies.

I have been handed a megaphone but my speech has been sanitized.

My thoughts 'contain multitudes' yet they are corralled into meager and 'acceptable' formulations.

I am living out a life of civilized desperation.

I am confronted by affirmations of individualism but lack the friendship of a community.

I am the one still trying to be heard amid a cacophony of voices.

This is B O R E D O M. This is your life.

The following is a living text. A digital scroll that expands and unravels in time.

It is a collection of entries that chart the ephemeral events of our perilous lives.

This is a blockchain of ideas.

Rule 1. There is no limit or constraint on what you can write.

Rule 2. This issue of the magazine will continue until the file size of the chain is reached. Issue 2 will then begin.

Copy the header and rules above and continue on from the last entry.

Rule 3. Do not alter an entry once written.

Rule 4. Pass this text on to one other person once you complete an entry.

Rule 5. Reply All.


    • ENTRY 1 Our lives our perilous. The sky may fall on our heads. The light's may change red as we approach. The gates locked at dawn. Creatures prey on us, poised to pounce on us, that is the peril on... more
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